A Fun Family Activity for the Super Bowl


If you love football and look forward to the Super Bowl like I do, make sure to include your family and make it a fun family activity. Here is one idea for a fun family activity to do during the Super Bowl.


  • Linda

    Great idea Coach, especially for family members that aren’t that interested in the game or the halftime show. You are such a wonderful, amazing inspiration. So sorry about the Hall of Fame… next year! Go Broncos!!

  • Julie

    I appreciate how the commercials and the halftime show during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast (February 2, 2014) were relatively mild
    in content as far as I am aware of. It is a step in the right direction and hopefully a change for the better. However, given the past history of Super Bowl broadcasts with some of the commercials and with the kind of behavior during some of the halftime shows, it is going to take a while before I am comfortable again watching a live broadcast of the Super Bowl with impressionable children.