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I’m Proud of Michael Vick

Saturday night I was in Kansas City for the 101 Football Awards Banquet.  Every year this committee selects the Players and Coaches of the year from each NFL Conference.  This year Michael Vick was selected as NFC Offensive Player of the Year and I was privileged to be his presenter.  It was quite a thrill and somewhat ironic because we first got together two years ago at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, just outside of Kansas City.  I couldn’t help but reflect on how things had changed for Mike in two years.  He has gotten back to being a great player on the field, but more than that, he’s doing a great job with his family and also doing many hours of community service, talking to young people about making good decisions, and trying to help them avoid some of the mistakes he made.

I have really been proud of Michael and how he has grown in the last two years.  He is coming to Tampa on March 19 to do a prison outreach and benefit dinner for Abe Brown ministries, commemorating Rev. Brown’s 84th birthday  We’re going to talk about how thankful we both are that God is a God of second chances and what inmates can do to prepare themselves to take advantage of those second chances.

Anyone interested in joining us for the Birthday Celebration Saturday evening, March 19, at Higgins Hall in Tampa can go to www.abebrown.org for more information.

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  • http://ellisstill.wordpress.com/ Ellis Still

    Likewise, a lot has to be said about Andy Reid, the front office decision making & company culture of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, and Donovan McNabb for rallying bring Michael into that culture. Over the years I have noticed the quality and character of the Eagles’ decision making, while also doing what is best for the organization. They give players ample opportunities to succeed both professionally and personally, even when players are transitioning to another team. When it was announced that Michael was coming to the Eagles, I was elated, knowing that he was in good hands. While Michael has you as a seasoned mentor, he also has a great day to day support network around him. Making the decision to do the right thing is always easier to do when you have the right people around you… bad company corrupts good character. Have a great day!!! :- )

  • Brandyb582

    I am soooooooooooooooooo proud of you MIKE.V <3

  • Lorrie Stevens

    You’re proud of a man that abused, mamed and murdered dogs? This was not an isolated indicident. It was over a period of 5 years. Vick knew this was wrong, that’s why he hid the operation. I believe his actions are called deviant behavior. Sociopathic behavior. Danger to society. A disgrace to the human race. Let him come to your house and live. Let him take care of your young daughters and granddaughters. Animal abusers are child molesters in the making. Enjoy the company of Vick. You”re as sick as he is.

  • M. Stanfield


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carmen-Lynum-Wright/100000146973342 Carmen Lynum Wright

    A job well done Michael most of all always remember who GOD is , I am glad you had a second chance and the Eagles took the risk to let you play again I am from Atlanta and I miss Mike playing with the Falcons but life goes on and I wish him all the success life as to offer.

  • Jimmiebwilliamsjr

    Two Words. “GET LAID” Listen to yourself, why so angry? Get off your high horse because I’m pretty sure you’re no saint as well. Animal abusers are child molesters in the making? Really? Bottom line is that Vick did know what he was doing, he paid his debt to society so let him move on with his life. Before you evaluate someone elses mistakes and life be sure to look at your own. Seriously it’ll put things into perspective.

    So what I am trying to say to you is that stop being so negative on other people, it really shows your true color sof you being an unhappy person that has no joy in your life. 2nd chances are needed because we’re all on the same boat, and that boat is called Human. We all make mistakes plain and simple, don’t need to crucify the man for making a MISTAKE.



  • http://twitter.com/Born2Reign1972 Diane C Henson

    God is a God of second chances and Michael Vick deserved a second chance…He is a blessed young man and I hope he continues to grow.

  • Jimmiebwilliamsjr

    Geeeeeeeet Laaaaaaaaaaaiiddddddd.

  • Khani

    They were DOGS … groomed to fight … they were not children or even pets! It’s a sport…

  • Khani

    Good job Mike … keep up the good work! You’re a JOY to watch playing football. Wish you had come to the Tampa Bay Bucs!

  • Dshein

    Wow Lorrie. It must be nice for you that you’re in such a position to look down on others, deny forgiveness and pass judgement against a man you know nothing about (especially since even God doesn’t enjoy that position).

    Mike Vick owned up to his crime, did his time and is working very hard to repent and make a difference in the lives of others who might also have made life-altering bad decisions. Unfortunately, he can’t change his past (as none of us can) so he will be subject to comments such as yours for a long time to come.

    I guess it’s sometimes easier to hold on to someone’s transgressions than to applaud his progress (makes some people feel better about themselves), so this is a price he has to pay as a natural course of things.

    But hey – here’s to you for being of such high moral character that you’ve never needed nor will ever need a second chance for anything you’ve done in your life. I think you might be the only one on Earth. Congratulations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynne.gossett Lynne Behler Gossett

    Lorrie, by the looks of things, you are NOT a christian, nor do you have any compassion for human life. This is sad, You are no better than Vick because you wish to keep punishing someone who has already paid for their crime. You are the type of person responsible for dragging those who are trying to improve their lives down and not letting them get up. Little do you realize that YOU are the type of person who is screwing up our society. We have people who are doing all they can to be better but by being branded by their crime, they can not change a damn thing because YOU want to keep kicking them while they are down instead of helping them get out of the criminal life style. You should be ashamed of yourself!


    Lady its time to move on, no one really cares what you believe. I can think of a lot who are a disgrace to the human race, but yet they have been given second chances. GET A LIFE

  • Josejr23

    Proud of of you Mr. Vick, I’m proud to be an Eagles fan. Thank you in all you do.

  • Driverman8

    And you’re a complete retard. Before you poin your finger at somebody else I’m sure you aren’t Jesus yourself… Everybody screws up. But people can change, and people may never forgive Michael. But the fact of the matter remains… Vick has turned his life around and there will always be haters. He’s an elite player on the field and a changed person off of it. And I really don’t get the dog fighting/child molestation relation. Keep hating because Vick is going to keep playing and shining!

  • Martyjf

    Yes, let’s give Mike credit (and Tony’s too for his guidance on how to be a REAL man) ….for what he has done so far…..BUT like anyone addicted to fame/money/questionable lifestyle…..how does that person ACT when the cameras are not around. From what we see/hear so far we believe Michael has turned his life around, yet his ACTIONS will speak louder than any interview he does. Everyone one wants to believe a feel good story, underdog making it back to the top, but is Michael makng amends? Keeping his word? Or is he hanging with same crowd or going to same after hour places?….or has he really turned his life over to God and being a TRUE role model/family man? I say ‘thank you” Tony for helping Michael and I give Mike kuddos so far, but we have a complete off season to go thru yet……so Mike, take it one day at a time, stay on the right path, we are cheering for you….but the jury is still out.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YHGQNLR7SNX7MNN3UW2RBIJDZA Julia

    This is such a great article but as usual we have bitter hateful people that just want to hate and they use dogs as an excuse to hate. The honest truth Michael Vick has done more than any of these hateful groups have done or will ever do to help prevent dogfighting. While they are on their computer spewing hate he is becoming a better man, father and player. God Bless him.

  • Raindwops

    We’ll be praying for you, because it sounds like you need redemption too Honey. Those of us on the blog who are believers in the Jesus Christ know that what Mike Vick was wrong. We also know that the we’ve been wrong at some point or another too….murdering with our words is one example. We believe in second chances, because we’ve been given one. I understand that you don’t get it, but maybe one day you will, and that answer will be found at the Cross. Stop being angry, because life is a lot bigger than that box you’re live in. Love is the key to get you out, and guess who love is? God.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YHGQNLR7SNX7MNN3UW2RBIJDZA Julia

    Lorrie Stevens I will pray for you and you need Jesus. If you hate this man for his past. What makes you think that God will forgive you for your sins? If you believe in God I don’t understand how you can stand in judgement. It is one thing to say I don’t like him. But the hate you display is more disturbing You really sound like a racist more than anything ghetto what does that have to do with anything. Seriously read the foolsihness you wrote. Your hatred is seeded on things other than dogs. That is very obvious. Again you need Jesus to take that out of your heart or a hug from another human it is not natural or normal

  • Jack_45

    Misery loves company. She’s looking for a debate. They’re more important things in the world to worry about. End of Discussion.

  • choice

    Let me just come on out and say it, I am tired of hearing about a bunch of dead dogs, especially from a bunch of hyprocrites. Lorrie what is wrong with him coming back to get what he lost, be for real that is the reason you folks are upset……………………….. because he was able to come back and get what he lost, you don’t seem to be that upset with his codefendants, because they didn’t lose millions. He does nothing for the dogs that survived, hey he gave those dogs one million dollars, which was totally ridiculous. You are a hyprocrite period, this continued hate has nothing to do with dogs, its the fact you freaks didn’t get your way. Had Michael Vick been a white athlete convicted of the same crime there is no doubt the initial outrage would have been the same (providing the media covered it the same) but four years after the fact this all would have faded away, there would be no more media coverage, and you fools would have found a reason to forgive. Just wondering did you get this outrage with Ben Roethlisberger who committed sexual assaults on two different women in one year. I understand he was never charged, however if he had been black he would have been, also had the Women’s Rights groups been as aggressive with Ben as PETA was with Vick, I’m still looking for Gloria Allred. No one cares what you think, say or feel, so you may as well take your rants to someone who wants to listen, and also if you don’t want to hear about Vick, stop taking the time to read articles about him about him. Its people like you who keep hate alive.

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  • Maxxpeck

    Football over torture and abuse? You really get off on football THAT much? Really? If he was vick the plumber he probably would still be serving time, and he sure as HELL wouldn’t be escorted back to the plumbing profession. YOU’RE a bunch of freakin’ hypocrites talking second chances when those animals HAD NO CHANCE! Go ahead, enjoy your f*ckin’ football. You know there’s people outside the US who don’t give a flip about your precious NFL? And GOD? You think GOD gives a crap about touchdowns? I read the bible, nothing in there about football = redemption. Get a clue, and get out of your “human’s only” society. The eagles friggin suck anyway.

  • Maxxpeck

    100% agreed!!!

  • kevin jean

    You are a sick individual for passing judgement on Vick and anybody else. Only Jesus Christ can judge. You need to look an evaluate your life before you throw someone under the bus and run them over. Everyone has skeletons in there closet. No Im not praising Vick for what he did in the past, but he paid a great debt and if he has asked God forgiveness I am quite sure Jesus has forgiven him. Everyone is entitled to a second chance you hater.

  • Terrellevelyn

    As the saying goes misery love company, I am not going to even entertain such a pothectic, close mined person, . because if someone has already paid for their crime, and you have people who are so caught up into hating someone, then that’s another story. it is apparent this person just needs a reason to hate. but if she feels so strong about someone she does not even know and choose to go through life making such negative comments, then let her do so. that just lets you know who you are dealing with. people say things some times because in their own life , it is so screwed up. from her outrage she needs help. at least Michael Vick, is using his enery for the good of all. pray this person will find some good in her life. god bless those who are so lost.

  • seth

    sounds as though you have a forgiveness problem! pick up ur Bible judge not and be not judged!!

  • seth

    If you read your Bible you must Have missed the part about cussing much less on a public forum!! And clearly forgiveness and judging others! Do you Know Vicks Heart? Thats what I thought!! PLEASE DWELL MORE OF YOUR INFINITE BIBLE WISOM ON US! IM SURE ITS FAR GREATER THAN TONY DUNGYS OR DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS!

  • Sally Douglas

    Thank you Tony for being the mentor that Michael needed. This just shows how compassionate our God is. To take someone that hurt what Jesus would call “the least of his”, and turn it around for “HIS” glory is truly Miraculous. Even though there are consequences for our sins, He can truly Lift us if our heart is right. I’m sure Michael will give Him all the glory.

  • Gotatake

    Judge not lest ye be judged. Your rant is just as sinful as other things people do against God’s will. He did his time in the name of law and order. Now let’s move on in the name of Jesus. We all need him. Lord have mercy on us all.

  • Shari Carroll

    I, too, am a animal lover and wanted to throw Mike under the jail for what he did. The worst of people can change and who am I to sit in judgment of a person who seems to be making amends for all the wrong he has done. I would think his transformation would be encouraging to you, especially if his life can positively change the lives of young people who abuse animals or are on their way to abusing animals. Concentrate on the good he can do and pray that God will use him to keep others from doing horrible things to people and animals.

    I am so glad that forgiveness really comes from God because if it was left up to people, no one would get into heaven. If Mike really has changed and I believe he has, he can babysit my dog and cat anytime.

  • Maxxpeck

    Twitter is a free forum and one that vick proudly loves to hock his wares on his site. Not ONCE, repeat, not once has he, on this free forum, offered up one anti-dogfighting message. Same with YouTube, a free arena as well. This is what makes me question his remorse over his actions. It could have been so easy to do such things and win a lot of points with those that care for animals, but he simply doesn’t.
    I also find it ironic that not shortly after he goes on TV and says to the world that “having a dog might be good for his rehab” he’s caught later on tape saying “I don’t care about dem damn dogs!” If that was his idiot bodyguard then who told him he could talk for vick? This stooge has the social grace of the village idiot. Manson is more charming.
    You see it in the look in his eye in interviews and that stupid ass thug snarl on his smug face, his only remorse was losing his career and doing jail time. Even Jim Brown had to remind him that he killed.
    Then Wayne Pacelle says that 19 speaking events in 2 years is a lot. A lot? yeah, I guess the football, the TV shows, the signings get in the way of all that. I live on the west coast and he hasn’t been out here yet and we have Oakland, Compton, Watts, Portland… all cities infested with the disease of dogfighting. But then again the more I look at Wayne and the H$U$, the more I don’t like them. Just look for yourselves. You celebrate a clown, and a common thug, nothing more.
    What’s sad is there’s tens of thousands of vicks out there right now abusing, torturing and killing dogs for pleasure. The only good news to come out of this is that it’s now common knowledge what low-life pussies these people actually are. Deal with it.


    michael i’m so proud of you….thru all you have been thru GOD has seen what really went down and what part of it you played….GOD is truly the only one who could judge you……AND YOU CAME OUT BEAUTIFUL…GOOD LUCK, KEEP THE BLESSING COMING…LOVE CAROLYN NYC…

  • Mogrn7603


    I always love it (NOT) when people use the Lord Jesus Christ and Scripture as weapons in their arguments….and the more ignorant one is of Scripture, the more likely to use it in discussions.

    Don’t even think one needs to bring Him into the arguments you all are having.

    everyone is entitled to his opinion, unnecessary to get ugly.

    Personally, I believe the only reason most people are supporting him now is his vaunted ability to throw a ball around. And, one can certainly argue that an animal’s life is not on a par with a person’s, but I would like everyone to ask himself, if one replaced the dogs he brutalised, maimed and killed in various horrendous fashions (did you read the reports?) with people, would you still say it’s great that he is being lionised and patted on the back?

    certainly only michael vick can answer the question on whether he is sorry for his actions or only sorry that he got caught. But a role model? I don’t think so.

  • Steamboathunter

    I’m far more concerned about one and a half million babies that are maimed and murdered in this country under the euphemism of “choice.” Those killers deserve a bunch of Leavenworth time.

  • Dshein

    I hope you are warm in bed with your hate. Have you read all of these other testimonies to second chances and forgiveness? Do you really think that there is no redemption for Mike Vick, who spends his free time talking to youth and prison inmates about God and better choices? Vick, who spent almost 2 years in jail, owned up to his crime, and since donated large sums of money to help dogs similar to those he was involved in exploiting?

    Do you seriously think that you are so exalted that you can judge anyone? Humbleness is a virtue, and you obviously don’t know that. I very much doubt you are a Christian or a believer at all. I rarely get angry at posts like yours, but I’m so sick of people like you passing judgement on others. It is a ridiculous privilege you give yourself, and one that no one is worthy of.

    Oh – And Ghetto Player of the year? Are you serious? Do you even watch football?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dondrae-Cunningham/100000983306382 Dondrae Cunningham

    Huh!?! “ghetto player of the year”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dondrae-Cunningham/100000983306382 Dondrae Cunningham

    lol!!!!! ur mad as hell huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dondrae-Cunningham/100000983306382 Dondrae Cunningham

    man! u tell em

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