My Advice for Tim Tebow


I know Tim Tebow must be frustrated that he hasn’t found the right team yet and is still searching. Here’s the advice I would give to Tim as he waits for his new team.

  • Jamie

    Thanks for always being so encouraging to so many! Great advice too – the Lord is in control and has a perfect plan!

  • Dan Segale

    My advice is Coach Dungy call Coach Tomlin, one of your TB coaches and tell Pittsburgh to sign him! He is the ultimate “SLASH!”!!!

  • Travis

    Tim is a winner and a hard worker, he’s a beast. Any team would be lucky to have him and his work ethic. Didn’t he lead his college team to a championship…and win it? Heisman. What more does he need to do to get a chance? I wish him all the best and agree, things will work out for him.

  • Coach D

    Great words of encouragement. I wonder if this is God saying that he needs to play a different position since teams want him just in another roll. But I hope he gets a chance after the Jets wasted a year of his career.

  • Corey Miller

    Coach Corey Miller here from the NY Giants. Great word for Tebow, God does have a plan for his life. God will take the foolish things to confuse the wise!

  • ben stafford

    tampa should sign him to a one yr contract and just see if he can help as a H back/tight end slot blocker,,,, if he does well and sells tickets he will help the locker room and fill the house,what could be better for both sides,,jacksonville or miami could do the same,,, one florida team should give him a shot,,,,if not,,,`the NFL is missing the boat on a good man,,,which the little kids around the world need so much

  • Shawnelizabeth

    It’s super important that young men like Tim have older people who encourage them to know how to learn patience and continually remind them that it will be ok. Thank you for that.

  • Danica Clark

    Coach D, no moment (be it seconds, hours, days or years) are wasted when they are placed in Father’s Hands. :) Don’t be discouraged for Tim about being on the Jets for a year. God brought SO MUCH good in Tim’s life through that short year. (Like in the W15H program where he had children come and join him on field for games. That was just one small example of the good that the Lord brought forth from that short year that Mr Tebow had in New York.) :)
    God can and does always brings forth good from situations that the world perceives as bad. :)

  • Danica Clark

    I think this is a fantastic way to encourage not just Tim Tebow, but everyone in any season of their life as they are “waiting”. God does have a place for us. He hasn’t forgotten you. His love for you and desire for you to be in your Life’s Calling is great.
    You’re still precious to His heart.
    Thanks for the words of encouragement! :) I needed to hear this over my life as well!

  • Michael Edwards

    Tim Tebow is a QB. Period. Stop mocking him. He will be an awesome asset as a QB in the NFL. He’ll be back. Bank on it. And it won’t be at any other position other than QB. Deal with it.

  • SilverFox

    I wish Tim all the best of success. In reality he already is a success by the impact he has had on so many lives by the way he has carried himself. Life is bigger than football and only God knows what He has planned for Tim.

  • Bonnie

    Tim is a QB…a Quality Believer

  • RayBee

    Great advice, Coach. I’m sure he knows God has a place for him. It’s just tough waiting sometimes.

  • Spider1952

    Sooner or later his supporters are going to have to realize that all his HS and college accomplishments don’t mean a thing in the NFL. He’s finally reached a level of competition where he’s not the top gun anymore. As a matter of fact he’s not even as good as many of the scrubs in the NFL.

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  • FredHeadBill

    “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” Isa 40:31
    Great post Coach Dungy/

  • Ron

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Tony. If you haven’t heard this interview with Dennis Gile (Tebow’s QB coach this spring), it’s worth a listen:

  • Roxanna Andrews

    How many scrubs led their team to the playoffs?

  • Byron

    Amen Tony!

    Tebow will definitely seek The Lord!

  • Richard Thomas Davis

    Great words of encouragement from a great coach and person. A player of Tebow’s character, leadership qualities and athletic abilities being out of the game at the NFL level doesn’t make sense. Some lame media driven reasons why teams don’t want him is that he would bring a “media circus” with him and be a distraction in the locker room. I say if a owner and coach combination can’t control that, then why do they have the positions they do.

  • Brian

    Ben: Why would Tampa sign a QB to play H-back/TE/etc.? You missed the news, Tim Tebow is a QB, always has been, always will be, get with the fame friend.

  • Brian

    Sorry, that was supposed to say, “get with the game friend,” and I don’t see an edit option.

  • Lynn

    Dan: I don’t look for Tebow to be playing any more “slash.” Steve Young advised him against that and I believe that Steve now has Tim’s ear. They were working together in April and the word is that Tim’s passing game evoked from Steve a simple, “Wow, you got it!”

  • Brian

    Spider1952: You are correct that Tim has to pay his way and prove his worth in the NFL and he cannot ride the coattails of his past… but he will, he will indeed!

  • Lynn

    Richard: Tim will be fine; we all have obstacles in life and that is especially true of anyone who does well in the NFL. Tim wants to be an example and that means being an example in good times and in bad. This is all part of God’s narrative.

    As for the lame excuses some give, they are not really so lame, not all Tebow fans have in the past acted in the same classy way that Tim Tebow handles himself and I only pray that going forward that we do a better job of following his example and allowing the team management to set the agenda and not the fans.

  • Spider1952

    Seeing is believing. Honestly I really do believe that he’s done in the NFL.

  • Richard Thomas Davis

    Yes, that’s my point on team management setting the agenda. Not the media, the fans, petitions, billboards or requests to the President. Also the point I’m trying to make is that without the media nothing gets passed along–good or bad. Two very popular sports media net sites harped day in and day out about what Tebow could or could not do. When Tim became a free agent, those sites went just about silent. They had done their job and were finished with Tebow. So far he has been hyped out of the NFL for reasons I feel a team owner and coach should ignore–again, team management setting the agenda. The concept of a player bringing a loyal, if not fanatical fan base with him, and be rejected for it doesn’t make sense. Perhaps the management part of the game has changed since I started following the pro game in 1959, but all I can say is that if Vince Lombardi were alive and coaching today, he would grab Tim in a second and scoff at the notion that the media or the fans are in charge of his decision processes, and no one would ever challenge his authority as the coach.

  • Ellen-Steve Our-family Wagner

    The Lord has a plan, I just can’t believe a league with 16 teams under 500 last year are passing on a hard working, winning role model that will give your team a chance to win every game. This guy is a proven leader and winner in a league of proven losers. Is the NFL afraid of Tebow and Our Savior???

  • rpdbahc

    Spider1952. You honestly believe that he is done in the NFL? Do you also believe that Matt Flynn is worth $11 Million? Or J. Russell is worth more of a look than Tebow. Or do you also believe that ther are at least 16 or more better QB’s than Tebow, like Gabbert, Weeden, Carson Palmer, Jake Locker, etc…? So Tebow is worse than all of them?

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  • mark

    Why can’t Tony Dungy help Tebow get a job? Does Dungy have any connections in the NFL to help? Why not come back and coach just for this? Tebow needs someone like Dungy that understands that Tebow can be a great QB.

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  • Coach D

    you are right and sorry for just seeing this come connect with me on Twitter if you want :)

  • RaiderbytheBay

    Football is great and Tim has achieved a lot: NCAA national champs, Heisman trophy, NFL playoff victories, etc. But Tim Tebow has a much LARGER mission in life: he’s gonna brings some souls to the Lord and that’s HUGE.