My Take on NFL Championship Sunday 2014

After the NFL Championship games on Sunday, everyone seems to be talking about Richard Sherman and Wes Welker. Here are my thoughts on both men’s actions.

  • renewed4life

    I respect Tony Dungy’s thought’s and belief’s. Thank You Tony.

  • Clint Mahan

    Love hearing your experience and perspective on Welker and also getting to the root of Sherman’s actions that happened even before the interview and the selfish timing of his display there with the “neck choke hold” and the unsportsmanship with Crabtree there.

  • Angie Grooms

    There are not too many players or coaches ,with your class

  • Ben Lichtenwalner

    Agreed. Real leaders celebrate the positive with their team.

    Dragging down others is a practice of the self-serving individual.

  • Dan

    Well said on the Sherman front. One additional point was the “Choke” motion he displayed for us all to see. Again, I understand emotions were high, but there isn’t any place for that sort of antic.

  • Andrea Griffin

    I totally agree with Coach Dungy regarding both players.

  • Ted

    Well Said Tony, as usual…Classy all the way.
    Go Ducks

  • Jim

    You are one of the level headed NFL Analysts that I truly respect and value your opinion along with Ray Dettinger, Eric Mangini, Bill Polian, etc. Shock Analysts like Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith, Angelo Cataldi, Howard Erskine, etc. try to create controversy for ratings so their opinions go in one ear and out the other! You are dead on Tony and you are an excellent source for NFL related information!

  • Kenny Malady

    That’s why you are one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever known !!! Hope to see you at the Hall of Fame festivities !! Kenny from Cleveland !

  • Andrea Griffin

    Regarding Sherman’s action after the play, there is already an emotional upheaval going on. The last thing Crabtree needed or deserved was the unsportsmanlike comments from Sherman. I watched the post game interview with horror. Sherman’s comments did not serve him very well. It took away from what could have been a stellar moment in his career.

  • James Schnabel

    What ever you say, I’m with you Tony. You were and still are the best thing for Tampa Bay. Not just the team , the entire city. The Bucs super bowl win belongs to you. There is no better coach in the NFL. WE LOVE YA TONY. God bless you and your family.

  • thomasbone63

    Dungy is totally correct. He should have shown some class and gone to the sidelines.

  • Davis

    Well said Mr. Dungy.

  • Dustin Sefton

    You should be coaching!

  • wisdomneeded

    Having a platform and misusing that platform are issues that need to be addressed and not dismissed as “I’m not that way, but”. The NFL, The Seattle Seahawls franchise, and fellow players and coaches need to use their platform to discuss the misuse of Sherman’s platform.

  • Matthew

    I love everything you stand for! That is why I’m confused about your “I’m all for it” attitude regarding his absurd interview! C’mon Coach! Why would it be okay to be so pompous?

  • bryan carman

    Well said by a classy man!

  • Steven.Zimmerman

    Right about both accounts Coach !

  • Jackie Sheldon

    There is a bit more to the story. Way back in preseason Crabtree said something very offensive to Richard Sherman. Also, Richard did not go over to Crabtree to harass him. He actually went over to shake his hand but Crabtree ignored him. Richard patted him and stuck out his hand and said “good game, good game” and that’s when Crabtree shoved him in the face. Richard Sherman apologized the next day. We as Christians need to forgive and forget. I hope no one judges me on one incident of my entire life. Here’s a good link:

  • D. Alday

    Buccaneers have never been the same since Dungy left. His interview is right on, and DUNGY is the reason the BUCCANEERS went to the Super Bowl the following year with Gruden. NOT, repeat NOT Gruden, DUNGY made the team it was and that is the only way they got to the Super Bowl was because of Dungy. Thank you again Dungy for your input on Sherman. He acted without style or class and no excuses should be made for his behavior. WRONG. He should be fine. People act like that at their 9 to 5 jobs, their FIRED.

  • Scott

    Other than his few years in the NFL, I am not sure how Sherman has conducted himself, but it would not have surprised me if he would have been on the Dungy lead Colts or Buccaneers DNDC (Do Not Draft Do to Character) list. As a follow up to the Welker situation, I was extremely disappointed in how publicly the NE coach responded. Having been a strong Colts fan until Peyton moved west to Denver…Go Broncos!!…I have witnessed plenty how Belichick handles himself in public. One of my early thoughts was that put in the same situation, neither Coach’s Tom Landry nor Tony Dungy would have responded in that manner. They would have either moved on with out a response or handled it with a personal conversation in private like a real man. Thank you Coach Dungy for your continued strong advocacy for positive Character

  • Matt

    Wish you would of taken the lions job so you could shape those young men into leaders… You are one of my idols and favorite authors.

    By the way Sherman you don’t need to tell everyone you are the best, we all see how you play. 6’3 and a freak of an athlete.

  • Cindy

    I will never understand some of the antics ball players demonstrate as of late. They are only hurting the respect ball players used to get. I personally just turn the game off when I see this type of thing. So we’ll said Tony. If more players and people in General we’re like you the world would be a better place. Please run for President!

  • G J

    Tony– You are wrong about Sherman. Richard Sherman was miked up, and NFL Films played the clip tonight. After the interception he ran over and said “Hell of a game” and stuck out his hand. If that’s not sportsmanship, what is?

  • C. Saccomanno

    If Sherman is the best at his position, the classy thing to do would be to acknowledge the fact that he can’t do his job with out his teammates talents. As for the Crabtree incident, that was disgusting and showed POOR sportmanship. On Wes Welker, I have NEVER seen him play dirty or retaliate when dirty plays go against him. People need to realize that football is a “contact sport”. If you don’t want “contact” try golf.

  • MPK

    I just saw this after having heard much about it on media. My sense is that Crabtree must have been talking about him on the field and he (Sherman) was emotional about it. When we get emotional we lose focus on what’s appropriate. If my thoughts here are correct then regardless of whether Sherman’s team went to the SB, Crabtree got the best victory.