My Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVII


New Orleans is a great place for a Super Bowl. The hospitality is great, the food and entertainment are wonderful, and everything is within walking distance.

I did three shows for NBC early in the week, but now I’m just relaxing and enjoying things as a fan. It looks like the Ravens fans are outnumbering 49er fans, but I won’t know for sure until game time. There is a lot of buzz and I think it’s because neither team has been to a Super Bowl in a while. You can feel the energy from the fans.

We’ve gotten to take in a lot of sights and enjoyed the atmosphere, but the highlight of the week for me was getting to meet and spend some time with LeCrae. He is a Christian recording artist who has had a big impact on young people (and older people) with his music. I appreciate the role model he has become for so many young men, and it was nice to be able to tell him that.

I do think it’s going to be a very good game and I think having two weeks to prepare is going to help the Ravens defense deal with Colin Kaepernick. What the 49ers do with him in their read option offense is very different, but the Ravens have had time to look at it and practice against it. They also have a practice squad QB in Dennis Dixon who has experience running that offense at the University of Oregon, so that has given them a great picture of Kaepernick in practice.

Both teams have played mentally tough football and both are going to have to adjust a little bit. I like the momentum of the Ravens right now, and I’m picking them to win a very close game.

  • dannylee

    Alex Boone, Ted Ginn, Larry Grant
    and Donte Whitner are the reasons the 49’s will win. Whats the connection?

  • Jon lazar

    You go Tony ! glad you can enjoy this as a fan and able to take it in without the pressure ! Jon

  • Wwniles

    I’m with you Tony, Ravens take this one.

  • Mikey L

    Tony thanks for promoting Lecrae. God is using him and the other 116 click. Also thank u 4 serving God. Need more godly men and women.

  • Mary

    I’m so mad I didn’t get this message until the next day. I liked the Ravens for this game, too. But my whole family are 49er’s so I had to keep that to myself. As for you Tony, I absolutely adore you. I LOVE that you are a Christian and that just makes me love you more. God Bless you, baby. Hope to see you on tv when I get mine turned back on. (moved, need to get it all set back up.) You are the BEST !!!!