Tony Dungy’s 2014 Super Bowl Pick


Here’s my pick for the first ever cold weather Super Bowl. Hope I’m able to stay warm this weekend!

  • Garrett

    Good pick Tony! Go Broncos, go Peyton. God bless you and your ministries Tony.

  • Betton Hawk

    Sadly Tony didnt pick a great young QB and fellow believer who is not ashamed of his faith in Russell Wilson. Hoping for a great game with a late FG by the Seahawks for the win. Still a big fan of Tonys and his ministry.

  • laurayoung

    Tony picked the team he thinks is going to win. It is not a statement of faith against Wilson.

  • Tim

    Faith has NOTHING to do with who is going to win! BTW, Peyton is a Christian too! Tony picked the winner based on football knowledge, not who is or isn’t afraid of their faith. Good pick Tony! As always…you’re a class act my friend!

  • R.M. 4 sure

    Fyi, neither QB is ashamed of their faith. Also, that should never be a factor in picking who is to win a football game. Tony, based on his immense knowledge of the game, chose who he believes will win.

  • Edd

    Love Tony Dungy, don’t care for this pick. I believe he picked the 49’ers too, ooops.

  • Steve

    Unless they moved the game to Buffalo, the Superbowl is not in New York.

  • Sean Andru Singleton

    Why must religion be brought into a game of football? Your religious beliefs wont help you win games! I mean, look at TIm Tebow for example.

  • Tom Pessemier

    Tony, I’m from Seattle and a Seahawks Fan, so I hope you’re wrong. :) Thanks for doing all you do to share the Christian faith and teaching dads to be better. Love your book, Quiet Strength too! God bless!

  • Betton Hawk

    I would disagree as far as saying he relies on D but then picking the Broncos. I think all of us are grown up enough to realize that Tony picked Peyton because of their history together. Really never had a doubt. My only point was Russell is and always has been very vocal about his faith, while Peyton does not talk about his faith as freely.

  • Carol Yake

    Tony we still miss you in Tampa.

  • Doogharry

    If there was a god, it would be watching the hungry man or woman at the corner of Walk & Don’t Walk to see who is giving. There is no justice or mercy in a block, pass, run, tackle or kick. Jesus would be a soccer fan coming from that part of the world… Defense wins Super Bowls. Time and time again. Pick the Seahawks. Root for the Broncos.

  • R.M. 4 sure

    Many sports personalities love their spouses, but don’t necessarily talk about them to reporters at a drop of a hat, what would be the point of that. But if they choose to talk about their spouse, it doesn’t mean they love their spouses any more or less.
    By the same token, if someone talks about their faith to every reporter, that is their choice. But to the person who chooses not to reference faith in regards to football, I do not believe they have any less faith or less love for God than the one who does.
    It’s just football folks, lets not make more of it than it is.

  • gatorgirl59

    Oh pluzzz get ovet this religious Bullshit!!! Go Hawks!!

  • That one guy

    Why does your religion have to be dragged into every discussion? People don’t care about YOUR religion or beliefs. (This is the general public, not aimed at any one person in this discussion).