What’s Your Proudest Achievement?


First off, I want to congratulate my friend Troy Vincent on his recent induction into the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame.  It is a great honor and Troy is certainly deserving of it.

As Vice President of NFL Player Engagement, Troy interviewed former New York Jets star Damien Woody last week.  After a 12-year career of playing football at the highest level, two Pro Bowl appearances, and two Super Bowl championships, you would think that what Damien is most proud of would involve football.  However, Damien’s proudest achievement took place off the football field.  “I am most proud of the success my wife, Nicole, and I have had as parents.  Forget all the positions I’ve played on the field – being a father puts me in the most important position ever.”

I love Damien’s quote above and it is encouraging to see the example he is setting for other athletes who are fathers.  Here is the rest of Troy Vincent’s interview with Damien Woody.

  • Jeremy Sawyer

    I am glad to see someone share that despite all the accomplishments that they have out in the community that they take the most pride in their family. It is hard to meet the pressure of the world saying that we have to succeed in the community but we don’t hear about making sure that we succeed at home. Thank you for this!