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Every day your child is socially bombarded with the buzz about music at school. They usually hear about what is coming out long before you do. This puts you at a disadvantage. It is much easier to discuss music objectively with your child before the child is under pressure to listen to it. So, what's a dad to do? Know what's out there and be prepared. That is why All Pro Dad is going to provide the latest music information to help guide you in making informed decisions about whether or not you will allow your children to listen.

* Please be aware that the content on these pages may include offensive language and sexual innuendos. All Pro Dad is not endorsing this content, but is simply providing you with information to help you protect your children.

Cover Song Title Artist Lyrics
All of Me John Legend "Cause all of me, Loves all of you, Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections, Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you, You're my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I'm winning, 'Cause I give you all of me, And you give me all of you, oh"
Happy Pharrell 的t might seem crazy what I知 about to say Sunshine she痴 here, you can take a break I知 a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like I don稚 care baby by the way, Because I知 happy, Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, Because I知 happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth, Because I知 happy, Clap along if you know what happiness is to you, Because I知 happy, Clap along if you feel like that痴 what you wanna do
Fancy Iggy Azalea "Let's get drunk on the mini bar, Make the phone call, Feels so good getting what I want, Yeah, keep on turning it up, Chandelier swinging, we don't give a f***, Film star, yeah I知 deluxe, Classic, expensive, you don't get to touch."
Problem Ariana Grande Featuring Iggy Azalea "Hey baby even though I hate ya!, I wanna love ya, I want you!, And even though I can't forgive you, I really want to, I want you!, Tell me, tell me baby, Why can't you leave me?, Cause even though I shouldn't want it, I gotta have it, I want you!, Head in the clouds, Got no weight on my shoulders, I should be wiser, And realize that I've got"
Dark Horse Katy Perry 溺ake me your Aphrodite, Make me your one and only, Don稚 make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy, So you wanna play with magic, Boy, you should know what you're falling for, Baby do you dare to do this?, Cause I知 coming at you like a dark horse, Are you ready for, ready for, A perfect storm, perfect storm, Cause once you池e mine, once you池e mine, There痴 no going back
Turn Down For What DJ Snake Featuring Lil' Jon "Ballin out And let the body shots, Ballin out, And let the body shots, Ballin out, And let the body shots, Ballin out, And let the body shots"
Talk Dirty Jason Derulo 添ou know the words to my songs, No habla ingles, Our conversations ain't long, But you know what it is, I know what the girl them want, London to Taiwan, I got lipstick stamps for my passport, I think I need a new one, Been around the world, don't speak the language, But your booty don't need explaining, All I really need to understand is When you talk dirty to me, Talk dirty to me, Talk dirty to me, Talk dirty to me"
Not A Bad Thing Justin Timberlake "Now how about I壇 be the last voice you hear tonight?, And every other night for the rest of the nights that there are., Every morning I just wanna see you staring back at me, 'Cause I know that痴 a good place to start, I know people make promises all the time, Then they turn right around and break them, When someone cuts your heart open with a knife, and you're bleeding, Don't you know that I could be that guy to heal it over time, And I won稚 stop until you believe it, Cause baby you池e worth it"
Let It Go Idina Menzel 溺y power flurries through the air into the ground, My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around, And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast, I知 never going back, The past is in the past. Let it go, let it go, And I'll rise like the break of dawn, Let it go, let it go, That perfect girl is gone
Ain't It Fun Paramore "Ain't it fun living in the real world, Ain't it good being all alone, Where you're from, You might be the one who's running things, Well, you can ring anybody's bell to get what you want, You see, it's easy to ignore a trouble, When you're living in a bubble"
Pompeii Bastille 釘ut if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like, Nothing changed at all?, And if you close your eyes, Does it almost feel like, You've been here before?, How am I gonna be an optimist about this?, How am I gonna be an optimist about this?, We were caught up and lost in all of our vices, In your pose as the dust settles around us.
Loyal Chris Brown Featuring Lil' Wayne & French Montana "Took a broke n***** b****, I can make a broke b**** rich, But I don't f*** with broke b******, Got a white girl with some fake t*****, I took her to the Bay with me, Eyes closed, smoking m*******, Rolling up that Bob Marley, I'm a rasta, She say she wanna do drugs, Smoke w****, get drunk, She wanna see a n**** trapped, She wanna f**** all the rappers"
Best Day of My Life American Authors 的 had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds, Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-oh, Oah-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-oh, I stretched my hands out to the sky, We danced with monsters through the night, Wo-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-oh, Oah-oah-oah-oah-oah-oh-oh
Summer Calvin Harris "We could be together baby, As long as skies are blue, You act so innocent now, But you lied so soon, When I met you in the summer"
Sing Ed Sheeran "No, I don稚 really know what I知 supposed to say, But I can just figure it out and hope and pray, I told her my name and said, "it痴 nice to meet ya," and then she handed me of a bottle of water filled with tequila., I already know she痴 a keeper, Just from this one small act of kindness I知 in deep, If anybody finds out, I知 meant to drive home but I致e drunk all of it now no, Sobering up we just sit on the couch, One thing led to another, Now she痴 kissing my mouth"
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