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Now Accepting an Application to Date My Daughter

Last weekend, my wife and I took our kids to a park. It was fun to watch our kids run all over the place and play. My kids couldn’t be more different when it comes to playing. My son likes to play rough, warlike games with lots of running – pretty stereotypical. My daughter, on the other hand, prefers a much more calm form of play. When we go to the park, my son tries to find other kids to play with; he can normally be seen running around with a couple of kids almost instantly. However, my daughter will normally be seen off by herself somewhere. On this day, I had been looking at my son when I realized I should locate my daughter. I quickly found her playing with a boy. When my wife asked if I saw her, I said, “Yes, she’s over there and she’s found a boyfriend.”

I did a quick flash forward in my head of the guys who will eventually show up at our house to date her. When a company is looking to hire for a certain position they put together a job description to fill. It is a set of clearly expressed duties and expectations. I thought it would be fun to put together an application to date my daughter. Yours might be very different than mine. My daughter’s application might also be different, but I can only hope and pray that they overlap. So here goes: This is what a job description to date my date my daughter would look like. 

Job Description

In search of respectful and courteous young men. As my daughter’s date, you are to ensure her physical and emotional security at all times. You are responsible for meeting her expectations in the creation, planning, and implementation of the activities during the date. All activities are to be fully funded by you, the applicant. At the completion of the date, it is your duty to return my daughter safely at the agreed upon time.


Your duties will include, but are not limited to, ideation and implementation of a date that shows an attentiveness to her likes. Execution of an excellent date should involve intelligent, stimulating, and entertaining conversation.


The main requirement is to possess a genuine and good heart stemming from a relationship with God. Applicant should display a proven ability to develop healthy relationships. He must possess a strong ability to invoke self-discipline, particularly in the area of physical touch. All young men in this position should be able to discern when it is appropriate to kiss her. If you have difficulty knowing when this is, please consult the boss. (Hint: That’s me. It shouldn’t be for a long time.) If you believe sex before marriage is appropriate, you may proceed by withdrawing your application and seeking other dating opportunities. Finally, the candidate should strive to be a person of integrity, have a safe driving record, and disciplined in punctuality.

Advancement Opportunity

Opportunity for advancement is available depending on your level of interest and that of my daughter. It will require a higher level of dedication, including a willingness to put her needs above your own, being patient with her fluctuating emotions, and undeterred faithfulness. You must also possess the necessary skills in making her laugh. She likes to do that a lot.

We look forward to your interview.

Sound Off

What qualities would you look for in someone dating your daughter?

BJ Foster

BJ Foster is the Director of Content Creation for All Pro Dad and a married father of two.

  • drrichardnorris

    I love this. I have always planned to interview each of my daughter (and son’s) dates when they are old enough. I love this fun, playful yet purposeful approach. Food for thought….serious thought.

    • BJ_Foster

      Thanks Richard!

  • Brendon Jenks

    What’s the purpose of dating? I believe to find a spouse. This should be the person of the opposite sex that you spend the rest of your life with. If dating allows two hearts to be drawn together relationally, why let your child go into a situation that you know statistically speaking will not lead to marriage by God’s design and the tearing apart of two hearts?

    • gb1234

      Yes! Exactly! Thank you!
      If she’s not ready to start a family of her own, then she’s not ready to date.

  • Ken Kowalski

    This is also a great reminder for each of us in how we should be treating our wives.

  • rmeden

    I find the job description interesting as it places no control or responsibility on your daughters. Things didn’t work that way 25 years ago… do they work that way now? I try and teach my daughters to be responsible for themselves.

    • BJ_Foster

      Thanks for the question and feedback. It certainly doesn’t take any responsibility or control away from my daughter. This would be my standard for her. She will ultimately have the final say and I hope that she would have a similar standard for herself.

  • Scott Gelaine Stevens

    Great Article and Nice that you kept it short yet Fun. I am a Pastor, a Football Coach and I help Veterans find employment after their time in the Militrary for the State of MD. So, I understand the “reason” Boys date and the reason girls date are usually totally different. I feel that the Mom and Dad have to agree on the Standards and that a close, open relationship with the parents is key to the daughter’s success for choosing the Right mate! As a Dad, I take my personal responciblity on my daughter’s spiritual growth, my daughter & I go out on “Dates” regularly, just her and I, show I can SHOW her how a Man is suppose to treat a Woman. I pull out the Chair, open the Car door, Pick up the Check and talk to her in a way that Values her opinions and show her that she is important. I think Values are “caught” not “taught”. Great Advise BJ and keep up the good work in your ministry and Love being appart of All Pro Dad’s ministry!

    • BJ_Foster

      Awesome Scott! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Duncan Collinsworth

    Where can I learn about “dating” in the Bible? I can only find courtship, betrothal and marriage.

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