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Simple Gestures That Say, “I Love My Daughter.”

One my favorite parts of each day is when I arrive home. When I come to the front door, it is locked. Before I can unlock it with my key, I hear the sound of my little daughter fiddling with the doorknob on the other side. She knows it’s me, but remains quiet until the door opens and we make eye contact. Then she starts jumping up and down like she’s in the student section at a college basketball game. She continues jumping before finally yelling, “Daddy!” Her simple show of excitement makes me feel special and loved.

There is nothing like the love of a daughter to make even the worst days wonderful. The reverse is equally true. The love of a father powerfully reassures security and self-confidence. [Tweet This] However, it needs to be clearly displayed and communicated. Here are simple gestures that say, “I love my daughter.”

Physical Affection

Give her kisses and hugs. She’ll probably expect them when you greet her or when saying goodbye. The ones that will make her feel especially loved are the spontaneous ones. Also, occasionally, hold her hand when you sit or walk with her. These are tender touches that communicate she is precious to you.

Compliment Her

Do this privately, but also publicly with her present. She may tell you it embarrasses her, but down deep, she’ll be beaming. Don’t use false compliments just to make her feel good. Think through and find the things about her that merit compliments. Focus on affirming her nonphysical qualities as much or more than her physical ones.

Know Her Favorite Things

Know her favorite drink, foods, band, actors, restaurants, books, subjects in school, etc. Study these things. Read her favorite book or watch her favorite movie with her. When providing snacks or packing a lunch for her, you can include her favorites. Showing her that you pay attention to her “small” nuances will make her feel loved in a big way.

Spontaneous One-on-One Time Together

Take her out for a coffee, dinner or a walk. Take her for a picnic and pack her favorite foods. Nothing makes someone feel more special than setting aside time to be with them. Get some focused time with her. You can help Mom get quality time with your daughter by sharing this mother daughter bucket list as well.

Written Note

This is, unfortunately, becoming a lost art. You don’t have to be Shakespeare. Just a couple of words written on a piece of paper are perfect. It can be as simple as “I love you.” Write “Who loves you?” on one side of the card and “Your daddy does” on the other side. Surprise her by leaving these notes in places she will find them. Her mirror is a great place, especially if the reflection makes her insecure.

Sound Off

What are some things you do to show your daughter you love her?

BJ Foster

BJ Foster is the Director of Content Creation for All Pro Dad and a married father of two.

  • ● Steven Burda, MBA

    This is great! Daughter-Daddy bond at its strongest!

    I have two daughters now (and one on the way), and I do this with them!

    I love my daughters…

    – Steven Burda

    • BJ_Foster

      Awesome Steven and congratulations on the latest addition!

  • Mike Douthit

    I do these things with my daughter. Its harder being divorced and she lives so far away, but her mom and I are best friends and we talk everyday. But when she’s with me I always take her to dinner so we can have time to talk

    • BJ_Foster

      Well done Mike!

  • Brian J. Berkemeier

    I put little notes with goofy artwork on them in my daughter’s lunch everyday. She’s 14 & loved it so much that she requests notes almost everyday and often proudly shares them with her friends (which is great for a teen girl to not be embarassed by a parent). My kids almost lost me to Pancreatitis six years ago and luckily, we have always been close.

    • BJ_Foster

      Nice job Brian. Glad you’re still with us.

      • Brian J. Berkemeier

        Thank you! I really like the information I get from these articles. I also have an Autistic Son so any help I can get is great (especially with me being in the hospital for the last 100 days). Keep up the great work.

  • Charles Love

    Thank you for this information. My daughter is in college now. I did most of this as she grew up. Looking back on it, I would not change a thing. She is a wonderful woman. Do you have any suggestions for the next level? No men yet but I know it will be coming in a year or two.

  • Mamamia

    Those are GREAT ideas!
    How great it would be if a daughter observed her father treat her mother this way!
    Distant husbands
    Busy career and sports oriented and dominated spouses may think to do some of these things with his children but if he ignores and abandons his wife sooner or later his “thoughtfulness” towaRd his children will be seen as shallow and contrived

    There’s a reason and a function that God intended for a husband to seek to learn what God defines and enables a husband to love his wife

    As our children are now adults they have learned the truth of the way my husbands busy schedule actually was spent with his selfish interests and career building activities which included ongoing and multiple adultery….along with children he did pay attention to born out of wedlock

    This kind of pseudo attempt to “give” time to our children growing up was always on his schedule and by his definition …..he is still sadly without authenticity as his interaction refuses to HEAR how his infidelity and selfishness ripped off all of us….and left him an old adolescent

    Our children love him but have told me that they cannot discuss the way his willful stealing from us all has effected them.

    He sits …”listens” but does not respond

    His apologies are empty and seen as patronizng with no real change as he has proceeded to go out and live his life…still married…but as a solo poser

    People have no idea and he continues to live for himself

    My opinion that any man HERE is here because they have the maturity to realize they can learn something

    They have a desire to live life to the fullest as God has provided for those who realize God loves us and has not kept the instructions for a life lived to the max from us but reveals to all who seek

    Only proud men use women and children who live him to get everything for himself his way

    Thank you for your ideas

    May some men read it, heed it and reap bountiful family life!

  • Joe Westerlund

    There is nothing in this world better then the excitement of my daughters when I get home! Well…that and them taking my hand and asking me to sit with them in the recliner and snuggle up with a favorite book for me to read them! No better feelings in this world! My girls and my beautiful wife (there motther) are the reason I want and need to be a better man, father, and husband. All pro dad has been a go to for me!

    • BJ_Foster

      That’s awesome Joe! Keep up the great work!

  • Jim Bard

    I love seeing my daughters come running outside to greet me when I show up at the house. I have recently told my wife of past sins that have hurt her and my oldest kids with the deepest pain I could’ve caused to them. My youngest daughters have forgiven me and youngest sons also. All 4 of them still come running out to me wanting me to be back home, hugging me, kissing me with all those affections being reciprocated. They have the true heart of Christ concerning forgiveness, mercy, and grace. I am truly humbled by their love for their father and I will never again damage that bond that all of them need and desire. If all of you could pray for God to soften my wife’s heart and my older children to allow healing to begin, reconciliation, and rebuilding a marriage stronger and better than what we had before, I would appreciate it from all of you All Pro Dad’s. Thank you!

  • Brian Owen

    This is great! My 3 kids live halfway across the country from me and a I get them in two weeks for the whole summer. I’m pretty excited about it and looking forward to finding opportunities like this to show how much They are loved.

  • MGvH

    I have quite a few “daughters” – for about 75 minutes each Sunday morning; 1st and 2nd graders. They have SO much to say so I very intentionally focus, engage, and LISTEN; listen to hear, not to reply. I ask follow-up questions and listen some more. The bonus payoff for me? The rest of the week, out in town in the stores, to hear a high voice, “Mr. Matthew!!!!!”, followed by the scamper of little feet, culminating in a fierce little hug.

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