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10 Ways to Develop Creativity in Your Child

Many people believe creative thinking is something you are born with. You are either have it or you do not. And it’s true that some humans are hard-wired in a way more suitable for imagination. But mainly, creative folks were taught and encouraged in a certain way growing up. They were given a wide canvas with fixed boundaries to live life on. Give your children this gift.

Here are 10 ways to develop creativity in your child.

1. Creativity begins in the mind

For starters, help your kids brainstorm ideas. Ask them questions that get them thinking outside of the box. Also, you can help them do research to find out what is out there. Help them find things that will start as launching points for their creativity.

2. Inside them

Creativity isn’t something that needs inventing, it already exists within everyone to a degree. As our children begin learning how to express themselves creatively, we should encourage them in the process and remind them that it’s not complicated.

3. Give examples

Besides seeing the process, it would be helpful to provide examples of finished products. Take your kids to an art gallery and show them the works of Van Gogh or to the opera to hear the completed works of Verdi. Another great resource is signing your kids up for art lessons. There’s nothing like getting a glimpse of where you’re going.

4. Let them at it

The most important part about being creative is doing it. This step doesn’t involve much of you. They may be hesitant at first, but pretty soon your kid’s ideas won’t just be in their mind. Give them a pen and some paper, or paint, and watch as the masterpiece unfolds.

5. Location can make a difference

Different scenes inspire different responses from your kids. Watch the difference it makes when you move your kids from the living room to the shade of a tree. Fewer restrictions create a feeling of space and openness. Sometimes a change of location brings fresh air to something familiar and stuffy.

6. Showtime!

When your children have completed their own piece of fashion – show it off. Invite some friends over for a miniature display of their artwork, music recital, poetry or a brief runway show, and order pizza afterward. Keep it simple and fun to celebrate their accomplishments. Encourage them to continue having with their creativity.

7. Feedback

An important element in teaching creativity is feedback. Your kids need to hear what you think of their work. They don’t need a critic, but they want to know what Dad’s favorite part is. So identify your favorite aspect and describe it.

8. Proper tools

To keep your kids creating their best, they need the right tools. So for your son who’s always writing music, make sure he has plenty of staff paper. Ask if there are any additional music tools he could use. For your daughter who can’t stop writing in her journal, make sure she always has new ones to use up. The more they have, the more there is to work with.

A really simple way to encourage your kids to go further is by reminding them to discover new things.

9. Encourage them to go further

A really simple way is to encourage your kids to go further by reminding them to discover new things. Tell them to explore easier methods of writing poetry other than rhyming the ending words. Give them a book that describes different styles of poetry. Offer some of your favorite poets for additional inspiration. Or give them your video camera and let them shoot something Spielberg-style. Your children’s creativity can have a lot of different outlets.

10. What do they want to do?

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your kids are being creative is asking them what they like doing. If your little girl loves cupcakes, encourage her to mix the batter and you put them in the oven for her. Bon Appetit! For boys, if he really likes the Rock Band video games, buy him a real instrument. It’s never too early to encourage your kids to pursue their interests.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you think is the best thing you have ever created?”