be your wifes hero

10 Ways to Be Your Wife’s Hero

What makes a hero? Superman’s super human strength isn’t natural. Batman’s fortune was inherited. Spiderman is genetically mutated. These super human powers aren’t physically achievable. Even Iron Man is still a fictional character. Just putting on the suit isn’t enough. It’s their character. Their deep care and compassion for their cities, families and friends, along with some special abilities, is what makes them heroes.

Your wife is no different. Your actions can make you the hero of her dreams. Here are 10 ways to be your wife’s hero:

1. Be there for her.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, physiological well-being is most important; second to that is safety and security. You have the ability to be the person who makes her feel safe. Simply be there. If she falls down, help her back up. If she’s had a bad day, listen, and make her smile. Be there. Be involved.

2. Romance your wife.

Love your wife and remind her other why you fell in love in the first place. Let your wife know that she is lovely; her heart needs to hear that. Looking for some good ideas? Here are 10 Ways to Romance Your Wife.

3. Set the example as the spiritual leader in your house.

Be the spiritual leader in your household for your wife and your kids. Talk about the Lord, pray together, take the family to church, make Him your focus. As you and your wife grow closer to God, you will also grow closer to one another.

4. Support her

Everyone faces battles. You are her companion. Be there to support your wife when she faces her battles. You cannot always fight them for her, but you can stand by her. That will make you the hero.

5. Listen

As a husband, you will be her shoulder to cry on, her man to hug. She shares these things with you because she loves you. You don’t need to fix her problems unless she asks you to. Just listen.

6. Spend time together

Quality time together is essential to maintaining a healthy marriage and family. Doing things you enjoy together, appreciating one another’s company, sharing moments and memories as couple and as a family allows you the golden opportunity to be your wife’s hero.

7. Pay attention to detail

Try to pay attention to little details. Notice new haircuts, compliment new clothes, and learn facial expressions. Remember important occasions such as anniversaries and holidays. Plan ahead for them in order to make reservations or find the perfect gift. This shows her you care.

8. Give her a break

Once you and your wife have children, the dynamics change some. Your wife will occasionally just need a break and a chance to escape from everything. Volunteer to watch the kids, give her time to be free. Or arrange a sitter so the two of you have a chance to get away together for a date night.

9. Commit to your wife

It is not just enough in a marriage to love your wife. You need to commit to her to demonstrate that love. The most important thing is to be there; be present. When things get hard in life or your marriage, do not run. Work through things together. Overcoming obstacles together will strengthen your marriage. Heroes don’t become heroes by cowering from life’s problems. They conquer them.

10. Appreciate her

Let your wife know how thankful you are for her. Take note of all the little things that she does and thank her for doing them. Tell her know how important she is to you, by saying it or writing it down. Most importantly, thank God for blessing you with a woman to love for the rest of your life.

Huddle up with your wife tonight and ask her: What is the most heroic thing I have ever done for you?