love wife like crazy

10 Ways to Love Your Wife Like Crazy

Remember how much fun it was to love your wife like crazy, back in the day when everything was fresh and new and exciting? That’s the reason you proposed. That’s why you got married. That’s what you had in mind for the rest of your life.

Then, more often than not, life gets in the way and everything – and that includes relationships at home – is in danger of lapsing into mediocre. Boredom leads to more boredom and then, before we know it, we have the mind-set that believes, “This is all there is” and we should be prepared to settle because, “Well, everyone does, don’t they?”

Well, no. Mind-numbing sameness is not necessarily the only option. You can enjoy marriage with passion and verve. Try the following 10 ways to love your wife like crazy:

1. Choose Love: We have so much influence over the way we feel. Wake up in the morning with the choice to love your wife like crazy front and center. While you’re thinking that way, you’ll likely pour her a cup of coffee or serve her tea. Now you have a positive role going and it’s all because you made a conscious choice.

2. Every day for a week: Make a commitment – to yourself – to do something mildly spectacular every day for a week. Then follow through. It could be as simple as a single rose at home… or it could be as outlandish as surprising her with a love-song (by you) in a public place. Regardless, by the third day, you’ll be excited about it too.

3. Propose to her again: Get on one knee (if you still can!) and tell her all over about how you’d love to spend the rest of your life as her husband. Think of all the reasons you love her then show her how much you do.

4. Believe it: There’s a principle that declares, “If you believe something to be true, then it is!” Tell yourself you love her like crazy – believe it. Say it out loud. Do something about it. It will be true.

5. Talk about her: And make sure it’s positive. Keep your wife in your mind, on your heart, and in a positive light. Research suggests it takes seven positives to counteract one negative. Well, load those odds by always talking your wife up. To your friends, at work, at church, to other relatives…it doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re talking to, talk positively about your wife and you will love her more.

6. Hold her: You’ve heard of the five love languages, right? Well, women speak more than one language and one of them is always “hold me.” A big, long hug when you come home. Holding hands walking and in the car. Snuggling on the couch. You name the situation – now add some version of “hold me”. It’s win-win, and it will help you to love her like crazy.

7. Spend time together: Sound like a no-brainer? Well it is! But parking our brains is a common phenomenon for men, so this one makes it to the list. Just be together and remember how great it is to simply hang out. Familiarity can breed love, not just contempt.

8. Make it special: It’s too easy to reserve special for other people, and then limit ourselves – and our primary relationship – to run of the mill.

9. Carry her picture in your wallet: Don’t just cart the picture around, but show her off too. “Hey, check out this great pic of my wife!” “Your grandkids look cute…but look at this new photo of my wife.”

10. Tell her “thanks” on a regular basis:

  • “Thanks for loving me.”
  • “Thanks for being such a great mom.”
  • “Thanks for this awesome meal.”
  • “Thanks for being so beautiful.”
  • “Thanks for saying ‘yes’ when I proposed.”
  • “Thanks for everything. ‘I love you like crazy.’”

I want you to know I love you like crazy.