10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Wonderful for Your Wife

February 14th is coming, there’s no way we can avoid it, and if we’re not careful, the event may well trip us up again. Therefore, All Pro Dads might as well use the opportunity to do the following:

  • Love our wives eloquently
  • Set a better standard
  • Demonstrate love leadership
  • Redefine the celebration
  • Make Valentine’s Day redemptive
  • Wow our wives with thoughtfulness and class (because that’s the kind of guys we are)

Handle Valentine’s Day poorly, men, and the results can be catastrophic — a marriage conflict situation out of nowhere. When we get it right, however — using our thoughtfulness and class — all can be right with the world. So, here are 10 ways to make Valentine’s Day wonderful for your wife:

1. Actually plan ahead:

Anything you do, either just for your wife or involving the whole family, needs careful thought and preparation. Plan Valentine’s Day together, or surprise her. Either way, it really is the thought that counts.

2. Make Valentine’s Day a family event:

Here’s an alternative. Write cards to your children, encourage them to make gifts for their mother, and then schedule a family “Love Feast” where cards are read and family love stories are shared.

3. Do something awesome a few days before V-Day:

Bonus! Show your true colors by planning something extra loving and sincere before the day. Demonstrate your independent spirit. But, don’t forget Feb 14. Even if she says, “I don’t want you to bother,” it’s really not true…she does!

4. Take a “thoughtful pill:”

Why spend $$ you don’t have on expensive flowers and chocolates, when you’re well equipped to apply serial-kindness and cumulative thoughtfulness, above and beyond, relentlessly, all day long.

5. Write her a letter from your heart:

Place the letter inside a romantic (but NOT sappy) card that demonstrates your consummate good taste. Here are 8 tips for writing your wife a love note to get you started.

6. Cook dinner at home:

Cooking is not that difficult if you’re willing to *gasp* follow directions. Here’s the order of the evening:

  • Make sure the children are at Grandma’s (unless you’ve opted for the family Love Feast).
  • Plan your menu carefully.
  • Make a flashy-looking menu.
  • Flowers on the table (nothing expensive).
  • Plan for the entire evening.
  • No TV, unless it’s a movie you have thoughtfully planned.
  • Under no circumstances does she do the dishes.
  • Dessert and coffee, later.

7. If possible, get away from work and meet her either for lunch or coffee during the day:

This may take some creativity on your part. Here’s a clue, such creative efforts mean more to your wife than expensive stuff. Hands down.

8. Work and Family: The Ongoing Tug of War

Have your wedding photograph on the dresser, along with an “I love you” token, when she wakes up in the morning:

Just a little effort here, a token gesture that demonstrates you’re speaking “Love” today. It all adds up.

9. Imagine you’re asking her to marry you, think about what you would say today, and then say it:

Write it down. You can present it to her after you’ve finished re-proposing.

10. Leave a love note in her purse, or taped to the bathroom mirror, or on the dashboard of her car, or on her desk at her work:

Or all of the above. Saturation with thoughtful “little things.”

I love you because…