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8 Tips for Writing Your Wife a Love Note

Several years ago, I went on a weekend retreat. On the first night, I decided to write my wife a love note. It was simple and short, but heartfelt. I emailed it off to her thinking she would be touched, but not much more. When I arrived home she casually mentioned how much she loved the note. At that point, I felt like it had the impact I had expected. However, about a week ago she brought it up out of nowhere. She said, “That note you wrote me a couple of years ago is probably the greatest thing you have ever done for me.” I’ve done a lot of loving gestures for my wife, but I never anticipated the impact from my simple love notes.

Sometimes, the easiest and most inexpensive way to make your wife’s day (or perhaps year) is to write her a short love note. You can slip it into her purse or wallet, or leave it around the house for her to find. With these easy tips, you will have a very grateful wife.

1. Address her by her pet name.

It sets a tone of tenderness and intimacy. No one else addresses her with this name, that’s what makes it so special.

2. Tell her why you love her.

The biggest thing our wives are looking for is connection. Feeling connected to you is what fills her heart. On this part, focus on who she is over what she does or looks like. Make her feel known. Mention those little personality traits, perhaps even quirks, that only you know about. It might be a good time to tell her you love something about her that makes her feel insecure.

3. Tell her why you appreciate her.

Think about your life before her and how much better it is now. Talk about her companionship and what she adds to your life.

4. Tell her she’s beautiful.

Specifically comment on her eyes, hair, smile, etc. You can even talk about her ‘imperfections.’ I told my wife, I love the way your body looks even when you have felt unattractive or overweight.

5. Tell her you appreciate how much she sacrifices for the family.

Now is the time to list all of the things she does for you and the family. Dig deep and think about all of the little things she does that she thinks go unnoticed. Let her know that you see it all and appreciate it.

6. Tell her you have a special, surprise evening planned for just you two.

Give her something to look forward to. It communicates that you have been thinking about her and she is worthy of something special.

7. Offer her a massage.

Connect your words to something physical. Go from tender affirmation to tender touch. It’s a way to put your loving words into action.

8. Sign off the note with your pet name.

A final touch of intimacy. Use the name she, and only she, can call you.

The biggest thing our wives are looking for is connection. Feeling connected to you is what fills her heart. Click To Tweet