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20 Tips for Creating a Family-Centered Life

A couple of months ago, I wanted to go to the gym, but it was closed. In the midst of my frustration, my son suggested we go on a bike ride. It ended up being the perfect activity because I spent time with my son. If the gym had been open, I would have missed that opportunity.

Have you ever thought about what your life centers around? Is it work? Is it your dream car? Is it vacation? A dad’s free time is extremely limited. What you do with your free time can strengthen or destroy your family. Here are 20 tips on how to live a more family-centered life.

What you do with your free time can strengthen or destroy your family.

1. Mom and Dad have a consistent date night alone together at least once a month.

2. Dad has scheduled one-on-one time with each of his children at least once a month.

3. The entire family gathers for dinner at least 3 times a week.

4. Dad texts, emails, or calls each of his children at least once a day.

5. You have a monthly family home video night.

6. You have a monthly family board game night.

7. You have the kids help with Saturday chores.

8. At least once every three months, Dad brings lunch to school for his kids.

9. Dad prays with each of his children before they go to bed each night.

10. Your family attends church together weekly.

11. You watch three TV shows per week with the entire family (and mute the commercials).

12. Dad’s job does not keep him working a lot of late nights or weekends.

13. The entire family has at least one week of vacation time together per year.

14. If you are married, you attend at least one marriage conference per year.

15. You attempt to camp as a family at least once a year.

16. Dad attends or coordinates a daddy/daughter dance with his daughters.

17. Dad personally knows all his children’s teachers and is involved in the PTA.

18. Dad’s time with his buddies more often than not includes everyone’s kids.

19. More family activities are planned outdoors than indoors.

20. Dad honors his own parents.

Sound off: What do you do to create a family-centered life?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Which of these family-centered life tips would you like us to incorporate immediately?”