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5 Great Dates Under $25

If you are like me, the family budget is always tight. There are braces to pay for, a car in the shop, and the ever-increasing cost of groceries to consider. By the time money is stashed away for college, retirement, and savings for a rainy day, there is little (if anything) left in the wallet when the time comes to take your wife on some great dates. The last thing you want to do is run up the credit card bill for an average dinner and over-hyped movie.

This is when it’s time to think with our hearts. What wives truly need from their husbands on a date has nothing to do with money. They crave our undivided attention and sincere communication. To our detriment, we sometimes confuse dollar signs with loving intentions. In an informal Facebook poll on the subject, one woman put it this way: “Attention! Sometimes attention is way too expensive for many guys.” With that sentiment in mind, we offer these ideas to create big romance on a small budget and provide the opportunity for both of you to receive the attention you deserve. Here are 5 great dates under $25.

What wives truly need from their husbands on a date has nothing to do with money. They crave our undivided attention and sincere communication.

1. The Local Theatre Date

Give your local high school or community theatre a try instead of expensive movies. The cost is low, the stories are magnificent, and you are helping to enrich the culture. The great thing about a live performance is that it sparks deep thought, debate, and perhaps laughter afterward.

2. A Picnic Under The Moon Date

It’s not only wolves that come out to howl during a full moon–romance is also stirred. A blanket, soft music, and perhaps some wine if she desires, is all you need. Find your favorite spot to sit under the moon and let creation work its wonders.

3. The Shimmering Water Date

You would be hard-pressed to find a woman on this planet that doesn’t love a date by the water. Whether it’s the beach, a lake, or a stroll along a city river. Hold her hand, talk, and laugh at a place almost as beautiful as she is.

4. The Formal In-Home Date

Send your wife a formal invitation to a special dinner date two weeks in advance. Declare the dress to be formal but only using things already owned. Be creative. Prepare the meal yourself or perhaps ask a friend to help. Have your children be the wait staff to help make your evening spectacular. Wine and dine her by putting your best foot forward in appreciation of your love for her.

5. The Reminisce Date

This is a special way to look back at where your relationship started and to dream forward as you imagine the future. Gather old pictures, music, and various memories of your relationship; then take her to a spot that is considered special to you both. Reminisce as you laugh and maybe even cry, and make a toast to the future and all the new memories still to come.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite thing to do on a night when we stay home?”