3 Ways Boys Love to Connect with Their Dads

Boys and dads have a special relationship. Sons cherish the emotional and physical affection that their fathers give. And statistically, children who are shown regular affection from their dads do better in life, because they not only crave that connection, but they need it.

In the mind of a child, LOVE is a four letter word spelled TIME.In the mind of a child, LOVE is a four letter word spelled TIME. If you want to show your kids that you love them, spend time with them. And if you have boys, they are counting on you to invest in them, to guide them through the process of becoming a man, and to simply be there for them. Every boy needs an engaged father or father figure in their life. Here are three ways that boys generally love to spend time connecting with their dads.

1. Physical activity

Boys are naturally wired to love physical activity. This often includes things like wrestling together, playing outside, running, and climbing trees, etc. My boys love to play baseball or football in the backyard or go disc golfing. The #1 thing I find that my boys ask of me is requests for my time, and more times than not, it’s to do something physical. Because doing fun, physical things is a great way for dads to connect with their sons. While boys are engaging in less and less physical activity as time passes (due to technology, apathy, etc.), it is important for dads to encourage and engage their boys in physical activities to boost both their physical and relational health.

2. Sports

Boys and sports, they’re made for each other. Even if your child isn’t athletically inclined, most boys still have some leaning towards a certain sport(s). We have three boys, all with different sports preferences and strengths, but they all three love it when dad connects with them about the sports they love. Sometimes this is through playing sports with them, watching sports with them, or simply talking sports with them. Sports is a great connection point for fathers and sons.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is such a huge part of many families lives nowadays. So why shouldn’t we as dads be using it to our advantage to connect with our sons? I’ve found that my sons absolutely love it when I will sit down and watch a football game with them, or take them to see that new super-hero movie or play their favorite video game with them. Finding out your son’s entertainment preferences and leaning into them is a great way to connect with him because this is not only an area where he needs your time, but he also needs your guidance.

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