3 Ways to Set a Good Example for Your Kids


“Whatever you do in moderation, your kids may do in excess.” Let that quote sink in. The things we do around our kids, they may not only do, they may do even more. That can be a really bad thing or it can be a really good thing.

If you react with anger in certain situations, your kids may react in anger, but in excess. If you spend all day looking at your phone, or your computer screen instead of being present with them, when they own phones, tablets, or computers they may do the same or much more.

It is serious food for thought. We must set a good example if we are to lead our families. Where we lead, they will follow. Here are 3 ways to set a good example for your kids:

1. Take inventory.

Take an honest look at your habits, both good and bad. Then take an honest look at your kids’ habits, both good and bad. Do you notice any similarities? For me, the things that frustrate me most about my kids when it comes to bad habits are the same bad habits I have.

2. Develop character.

Good character develops good habits. For example, when someone is considerate they make it a habit to look up from electronics when someone approaches. When someone is patient, they make it a habit not to react in anger to things that frustrate them. Give some thought to the type of character you desire your kids to have. Then give some thought as to how you are modeling that character trait in your own life.

3. Make adjustments.

To set a good example for our kids, we have to work on ourselves first. Character and habits can be changed. Start with yourself and follow up with your kids. As you work to change, share that with your kids. Sometimes being transparent about your own faults is motivation to a child. Make it a family effort to change and hold one another accountable (kindly, of course). It is good for your kids to see you making these changes to become better. Remember “whatever you do in moderation, your kids may do in excess.”

What is one thing I do that you think is awesome that you want me to keep doing?