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5 Reasons to Celebrate This Year

If we’re not careful, it can be all too easy to constantly look into the future, imagining the day Junior can catch, throw the football, play on the team, go to the big game with us, or shoot that round of golf. But our kids are the age they are, now; and they always will be. One of Tony Dungy’s favorite words of advice to dads goes something like this: “Enjoy the stage your kids are in now and don’t wish for the next one.”

Every year has the potential for greatness. But this is the year we have. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate this year.

1. New friends to meet.

Each new year comes with the possibility of a new set of friends. Dads can offer encouragement and confidence. This might be the year you sign up to help with an All Pro Dad’s Day, coach the soccer team, or be the “go-to” parent for field-trips at school.

2. Dream big.

The new year can be an opportunity to set a different course or to grow up in a new way. This is a great time to sit down with your children and help them set some goals. Academic…social…physical…dads play a big part in helping kids realize their dreams. Dream big together and then take the opportunity to follow through.

3. You can grow too.

Speaking of setting goals, here are a few ideas for you:

4. New challenges.

My child is on the cusp of learning some really cool stuff in school. What can I do today to be a part of every little thing that’s new and challenging? It’s fun to be in the know, right there on the cutting edge, to help our kids meet the challenges head-on.

One privilege of being is a dad is walking beside your child as they experience things.

5. New opportunities to embrace.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first year for long division, the day the training wheels come off, the first year of t-ball, or the first big test on the high-school debate team. There’s excitement, there’s a little trepidation, and there’s a steep learning curve. One of the privileges of being is a dad is walking alongside your child as they experience things for the first time. Enjoy it.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are you most excited about this year?”