5 Ways Faith Can See You Through The Storm

5 Ways Faith Can See You Through The Storm

I came across an interview with Johnny Cash on the Late Show with David Letterman. In the segment, Cash described the period in his life when he came very close to death due to an extreme addiction. He painted a dire picture of a man at rock bottom and near extinction. “There was a point in my life that the only person that would talk to me was the Lord, and the only woman that would have me was Betty Ford.”

That quote speaks loud and clear. He acknowledges what saved him from suffering the same fate (early death) as so many of his peers. Mr. Cash had a deep faith even at his lowest points in life. Knowing there was always a hand holding his allowed him to garner the strength to ask for help.

All of us will have moments that will test us to the deepest parts of our souls. The key to handling life’s storms is how strongly rooted you are in your faith. To that end, here are 5 ways faith can see you through the storm:

1. Prayer

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers” – Dorothy Bernard. When we take for granted the unlimited power we have in prayer by dismissing it, we are missing the key ingredient to successful growth. There is no formula or set pattern to prayer. It’s an acknowledgement of our weakness and our need for help.

2. We Are Never Alone

In the middle of a raging storm, Jesus was found standing on the water. We are never alone even when every possible thing we can touch and feel makes it seem that way. Even if you don’t believe, reach out for His hand. He promises to grasp it.

3. Stories in the Bible

There is not a single circumstance that can happen to us that does not have a similar reference located somewhere in those stories as an example of which way to go. They say life doesn’t come with a manual. That’s false. It’s all in the book.

4. Purpose

We must understand that all things we experience have purpose to them. That we ourselves have purpose and that everything is interconnected. To believe in a random existence is to wander helplessly among chaos. Keep faith tucked away tight that you are as important to God as even Moses or Noah, and that eventually the purpose will come clear.

5. Hope, Grace, and the Promise of the Future

In God, we have eternal hope for justice and truth to prevail. If you are someone that wants to understand but just can’t, seek out family or friends with a strong faith and talk to them. Never give up hope that God is waiting on the other side of the storm.

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