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4 Opportunities to Cut Your Wife Some Slack

I was recently watching an old sitcom where the wife on the show was running around in a harried state. The husband just put up both hands and said, “Yes, Dear.” By far the wisest move a husband can make in those situations and a lot easier said than done. It takes practice. As men, we want to interject. We want to offer our opinion or provide a solution. There are times to do that; however, there are those times when we need to be patient with her, stay quiet, listen, and empathize.

Marriages are happy and long-lasting when we practice the wisdom we’ve gained through our years of experience.Marriages are happy and long-lasting when we practice the wisdom we’ve gained through our years of experience. For instance, knowing when it’s a good time to cut your sweet bride some slack. Here are 4 opportunities to do that.

1. When she has a problem that doesn’t involve you.

Let’s face it; men like to fix things, and that includes our wives when they are hurting or troubled. Yet, also facing facts, men and women do not process things in the same way in almost all cases. Our meddling often makes the situation worse. In these situations, what she needs is a listener and some compassion. If our advice is asked for then we can provide it.

2. When she’s eating all of the chocolate in the world.

OK, that’s an obvious exaggeration. But there are sure-fire signals to know when your wife is at maximum stress capacity, and most husbands know what those are. This is a good time to ask what you can do to help. Some ideas are to change the diaper on the baby, do a load of laundry, run some errands for her or do the dishes. Allow her to sit down and be alone in thought and prayer for a while, and take some things off her plate.

3. When she’s being overly moody.

Our wives are usually more emotional than we are. At those times when she is in a vulnerable state, let it slide. She’ll get back to normal before you know it. And if she doesn’t, it will help you develop patience.

4. When she’s in conflict with other women.

Never take another woman’s side over your wife’s in the heat of the moment. Correcting her in that situation is a bad idea. If she is in the wrong, wait until another, calmer moment to intercede and offer guidance. Make sure she knows that you always have her back.

Sound off: Are there any other moments where it would be wise to cut your wife some slack?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you think is the best thing to do when someone you love is frustrated?”