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4 Ways to Have a Second Honeymoon Without Leaving the House

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As we sat on the beach for our romantic dinner, the torches lit, the ocean our backdrop, and the food cooked to perfection, the wind suddenly knocked down our glasses of champagne. Then we watched the lettuce fly from our plates as the impending storm drew closer. Our server tried to relight the torches to no avail, and the rain bomb exploded over us as we made a run for cover. What should have been a romantic dinner on the beach became the most talked about part of our honeymoon. We laughed it off and took our dinner inside the restaurant, which had the perfect view of some of our seafood traveling back to the ocean.

If you had a honeymoon, you know what they do for a marriage: reduce stress and anxiety, bond you and your spouse in a spirit of adventure, and create powerful shared memories. Many of us will only have one official honeymoon, but just because we can’t get away as a couple every year doesn’t mean we should stop deepening the connection with our spouses. Here are 4 great second honeymoon ideas to try without even leaving the house.

1. Pull an all-nighter.

There is something magical about staying up overnight. You probably did this all the time with your friends when you were younger. Why not try it with your spouse? If you and your wife happen to be up late connecting and having a great time, don’t be afraid to lose some sleep. Invite your wife to power through with you, listen to your favorite music from around the time of your honeymoon, and eat junk food. And if your kids can sleep in the next day, or are old enough to start their day without you, don’t be afraid to stay up all night. All-nighters can bring down emotional barriers and become a great bonding activity, which can bring back those feelings of connection you had on your first honeymoon.

Having a quiet space where you can be alone with your wife can create profound intimacy.

2. Ditch your kids.

It isn’t easy to get away as a couple when you have children. Instead of leaving the house, why not send your kids to their grandparents’ house? Or maybe check your kids into a hotel with their grandparents. They will feel like they are on vacation, and it will alleviate the guilt of leaving them behind. A rare opportunity then presents itself—you have the house all to yourselves. Open up the good wine, prepare a meal together, and make love on the couch. Having a quiet space where you can be alone with your wife can create profound intimacy. Take this further and hire someone to deep clean your house that day. Your home will be immaculate when you return from leaving your kids with Grandma.

3. Utilize technology.

My wife and I were blessed to take two big trips for our honeymoon. Our first was relaxing, and the other was an adventure exploring Spain. For those who like adventures but cannot get away, why not bring the experience to you? Virtual reality headsets allow you to explore cities, ancient relics, and even shrines. My wife and I visited the Holy Sepulcher through VR, and it was terrific. Borrow your teen’s device or ask a friend who has a couple to borrow them for a night. These devices are becoming more affordable, and the technology is getting better and better. You can have an adventure right from your living room.

4. Turn your back yard into a getaway.

If you have a back yard, enhance that space to feel like a getaway. String up some lights, dig a small fire pit, and toast some s’mores. Or make it tropical with lounge chairs, tiki torches, and a hammock. Buy the premade frozen margaritas and play some ocean sounds on your Bluetooth speaker. Imagine your wife’s surprise when you put some serious creativity into this idea. You can top it off by preparing your wife’s favorite meal for her.

Sound off: What other second honeymoon ideas can you think of to have from home?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “If we could have a second honeymoon, what would you like to do?”