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4 Ways to Create a Closer Family Bond

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A closer family bond is the solution to many of the trials life throws at the family. A closer family bond is the solution to many of the trials life throws at the family. Tough times are inevitable and the way to survive them is the same as it is for any other storm — create a strong foundation. That foundation comes from strengthening the family bonds tightly so that they will not come untethered when the hard winds blow. This requires intentional effort because it’s not an easy task.

A closer family bond is the solution to many of the trials life throws at the family.So what are the building blocks to help build a closer family bond? Practice effective communication, live unselfishly, lead with determination, and pledge loyalty to the ones who depend on us. This is difficult and it requires true commitment, particularly if you are a noncustodial dad. There are a number of influences that can pull us away from leading our family in the ways that are most effective. So with that, let’s take a look at the 4 ways to create closer family bonds.

1. Effective Communication

Our children are not our friends. There is a distinct line of authority that must remain present in the relationship between parent and child. However, we must also not only expect their trust and openness towards us but work to earn and keep it. Solutions to troubles always stem first from effective communication and that requires a steady effort of trust building. We want our children to willingly inform us of the important matters happening in their lives.

2. Live Unselfishly

Problems arise when we put our own needs above those of the family. Leadership, first and foremost, requires sacrifice. We have to become the anchor that all the others can depend on — without fail. If we do not do this, the family takes note and it puts a crack in the family foundation. The family begins to drift apart into separate interests, weakening the bond until is becomes nonexistent.

3. Lead with Determination

We, as parents, face an onslaught of voices and images attempting to take our authority and shape our children to their own desires. It takes fierce determination to stay true to the foundation we have put down for our family. We can’t succumb to influences we know in our gut will work to tear our family apart. Stay flexible enough to know when you are off-course; otherwise, be uncompromising and courageous in fighting back those things that seek to weaken us.

4. Pledge Loyalty

Pledge to your family that you will remain loyal to them through the highest and lowest moments. Even as the world may spin out of control around the family, you will remain constant. This one action alone creates the basis of multigenerational families that endure the test of time.

Huddle up with your family tonight and ask each member to tell you one thing they need from you that they aren’t getting.