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5 Reasons You’re an Awesome Dad

There is an old legend about a mother taking her young son to see world-famous pianist Ignace Paderewski. As the concert was about to begin, she noticed her son was not in his seat. When she looked up, she was horrified to see him on stage seated at the grand piano. He began to play a simple tune. The crowd was anxious as the great Paderewski walked onto the stage behind the child. The boy kept playing, unaware of the performer behind him. Then Paderewski put his hands on the keys to the left and right of the boy and said, “Keep playing. You’re doing great.” The little boy kept playing the main theme and Paderewski played a wonderful countermelody as the audience applauded.

While it is a wonderful story, unfortunately, there is no proof it ever happened. Most likely it is fictitious. However, we all need encouragement. We need someone to say, “Keep playing! You’re doing great.” This is especially true in fatherhood, which at times can feel taxing and lonely. We know you play a key role in serving and sustaining your family. Don’t get down on yourself. Rather, take some time and let us remind you of how awesome you are. Here are 5 reasons you’re an awesome dad.

1. You set the tone for your family.

Leadership is more about who you are than what you say, and you’re the kind of leader who speaks volumes via the positive, can-do, optimistic way you approach every day. You may not know this, but you inspire your family. You inspire us.

2. You’re a team player.

You cultivate good relationships with the people in your child’s life. You respect and perhaps love your child’s mother, and you’re smart enough to work as partners in raising your family.

3. Your family members know you love them without your saying a word—but you tell them anyway.

Love is an action word, but you punctuate your actions with an exclamation point by telling your family how you feel. Your children see you redefine the reach of love with every action. And it’s a win-win because they can’t help but love you in return.

4. You put your family first, and it’s becoming a reflex.

Some days, putting family first has to be a conscious decision, carefully thought through because it’s not a natural or expected response in this culture. But those occasions are getting few and far between because family first is becoming a reflex in your repertoire of behavior. We’d like to commend you.

5. You constantly work to be a better dad.

You are awesome because it’s obvious you’re continuously trying hard to be the best dad you can be. And believe us, the effort really does count for something. Growing is key to satisfaction in life, and it’s important that we grow as dads. The kids can tell because they can see the hard work translated into action. It’s one more way they know how deeply you care.

Sound off: What are some other ways you are working toward being an awesome dad?

Huddle up with your kids and tell them why they are awesome.