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5 Skills Your Kids Should Learn While They’re Still Young

Have you ever noticed that young children often have an easier time acquiring certain skills than many adults? For many years, our family lived in a highly populated Hispanic town, and so a good number of our friends were Hispanic families. And what was amazing was that their children, while able to speak perfect English in everyday activities, were also learning to speak Spanish at the very same time in their own homes. Their bilingual capabilities were astonishing at such young ages.

Childhood is a natural season of life for massive learning and growth. And as a result, children often have an advantage of bypassing the difficult learning curve that many adults experience when trying to learn the same things later on in life. Just look at how difficult it can be for an adult to learn a second language or learn to play the piano. But teach a kid those same things from their childhood, and it can make a world of difference, not to mention a lifetime of benefits. Here are 5 life skills for kids to learn while they’re still young.

1. Learn how to develop a skill.

This might include learning to play an instrument, or pursuing a sport, hobby, or other passion. Every child has unique strengths and talents. And it is important that parents encourage their children to develop and strengthen those skills at young ages. Each of us was created to be a lifelong learner, but there is something especially “spongy” about what we learn in the childhood years.

2. Learn how to use their creativity.

The ridiculous amount of mindless screen time our nation’s children are consuming is suppressing their personal creativity to have fun and enjoy life. Yet the creative imagination of a child is one of the inner workings of their life skills being established and developed. Don’t be afraid to allow and even require your kids to do things that force them to use their creativity, whether it be playing in the back yard instead of lounging around the house, or building something with LEGOs instead of watching another movie. They’ll thank you one day.

3. Learn how to work.

A good work ethic is not something that is simply developed once your child becomes a teenager and gets a job. Just ask any employers, and they’ll be able to tell you about the young people who step into a job with a mindset to work or a mindset of entitlement. Teach your children the value of hard work from a young age, and give them responsibility and accountability for what you expect.

4. Learn how to live generously.

Allow your kids to see you living your life for something greater than yourself.

There is no happier or more fulfilling life than a generous one. And there’s no better time to develop this attitude and life skill of generosity than as a child. And this is more often caught than it is taught. Allow your kids to see you living your life for something greater than yourself. Allow them to see you generously and even sacrificially giving to others, and encourage them to do the same.

5. Learn how to manage their money wisely.

Many parents don’t realize their children are learning how to manage money for the rest of their lives from very young ages. And unfortunately, many kids are often not given chances to learn good money management until they are teenagers, putting them at a great disadvantage. As soon as your children are old enough to spend their money, they are also old enough to learn how to manage it.

Sound off: What are some other life skills for kids to learn?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one thing you would like to learn how to do?”