7 Ways To Grow Into A Strong Leader

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll didn’t try to be all things to all people. He didn’t try to change who he was or alter his approach. Instead, he hired coaches with different personalities. I must admit that I didn’t notice this when I was playing for him in Pittsburgh, but it became apparent once I was on the Steelers’ staff for a while. He always looked for good football coaches who were also good people and who had different strengths that they brought to the team. For instance, he was more of a teacher than a motivator, so having coaches on the staff who were more emotional was important. He taught a certain way, but he hired other guys who taught differently. It was a sign of a mature leader.

I took that lesson with me. I learned where I was strong and where I needed support. Self-evaluation may seem like a daunting and unending task, but with these 7 action steps, you will be a person who shows strong leadership.

1. Take A Look Inside

Strong leaders know who they are, what motivates them, and why they do what they do and react the way they react; and they are always ready to change in order to become all that God intends.

2. Evaluate Your Motives

Are you working for yourself? For God? For others?

3. Come To Grips With Your Past

Get help if you need to. Effective leaders get past the past – the things that tie them down. They realize that forgiveness leads to freedom.

4. Be Who You Are

Leaders lead as the people God made them to be, and they don’t try to be someone else.

5. Evaluate Your Priorities

Consider the order of importance you place on your relationship with God, your family, your work, your friends, and everything else. Be willing to reevaluate over time.

6. Take A Look In The Mirror

Recognize that God has given you incredible gifts, abilities, and strengths that are unique to you.

7. Complement Your Strengths With The Strengths Of Others

Remember, not only were you created for community, but others were too. You were not created to do everything yourself.