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5 Ways a Husband Can Make His Wife Feel About Sex

In a marriage relationship, the attitudes spouses have toward each other can be powerful, especially with sex. And while our desire as men is often to try igniting passion into our relationship, the main goal no matter what should be how to love your wife well. Because the way a husband carries himself with his wife sexually can be crucial to her feelings of love and self-worth. And our wives should always feel loved and appreciated, never used.

Here are 5 ways a husband can make his wife feel about sex that can have a huge impact on her, for either good or bad.

A husband has the power and ability to make his wife feel:

1. Cherished

Remember how you wanted to treat your wife on your honeymoon? The soft kisses on the forehead, the polite manners at the table, and the intentional intimacy and physical touch you cultivated between the two of you throughout each day? And then the closing climax of full sexual intimacy at night? You were on your best behavior because your aim was to please. And this made your wife feel cherished. Many of those same things still make her feel cherished today. Are you doing them?

2. Beautiful

A husband needs to express how beautiful his wife is both inside and out on a regular basis.

Nowhere other than the marriage relationship does God give permission for such full exposure and transparency. A husband needs to express how beautiful his wife is both inside and out on a regular basis. And it’s not just enough for him to say it; she needs to believe it, both when she is clothed and when she is not.

3. Sufficient

Most wives sincerely desire to be sufficient sexually for their husbands, but often, a guy fails to clearly express to his wife that she is everything he wants. Men, our wives need to know that they are sufficient to meet our every sexual desire, and we need to tell them that. Yes, as a man, your drive is often higher than hers, which can lead to some natural tension. But we also need to remember that while sex meets primarily a physical need for us, it often meets more of an emotional need for her. While sex is more about the act for us, for her, it’s more about how we treat her beyond just the act, both before and after.

4. Objectified

Sometimes, without even realizing it, a husband can give the wrong vibes to his wife, like when he brings unrealistic expectations into the marriage and treats sex like something he’s owed. This can quickly cause his wife to feel objectified rather than cherished. Just as a husband longs for his wife to know and understand his needs and desires, it is equally important that he is seeking to do the same for her.

5. Abused

While no husband should ever abuse his wife in any way, it sadly happens. One of the ways we can make sure to avoid it ever happening through us is to remember that wives are not sexual servants of whom we get to make demands. Sex is a beautiful and consensual gift that should be treated as such. And physical touch within a marriage should often be sexual, but never forceful. Our wives have been given to us to love and cherish. The way we treat them verbally, physically, and sexually plays a huge role in that.

Sound off: How has your attitude toward sex been making your wife feel lately?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “Is there any way I could make our sex life better for you?”