6 Acts of Kindness to Cheer Up Your Child

It’s the simple things that children remember. For me, personally, one of my fondest memories of childhood is what my dad would do for me whenever I would get sick. He was a very busy man who ran his own business and traveled a lot. Yet, when I was sick he would always go out of his way to bring me things to make me feel better. Specifically, he would bring me a Slurpee and my favorite comic books. He never failed at doing these little acts of kindness. That was a big deal to me.

Simple gestures of thoughtfulness and kindness can make all the difference in relationships. For ideas on what kind of things we can do to put smiles on our kids’ faces, try these 6 acts of kindness to cheer up your child.

1. Hugs and Encouragement.

When hugging a child, always be the last one to let go. You never know how long they need it.There is a wise saying that says, “When hugging a child, always be the last one to let go. You never know how long they need it.” Giving your children hugs is the simplest thing in the world and more valuable than all the money you have in the bank.

2. Random Texts.

Communication with children, especially teenagers, can be a tough barrier to crack sometimes. Send your son or daughter random texts on occasion just to say how proud you are of them and that they are loved. Though it’s possible they will think it annoying, they will absorb it right into their hearts.

3. Fun Surprises.

For no reason at all, surprise your kids with a favorite thing or a fun activity sometimes. Life can’t always be totally scripted. These are the moments that usually turn into the best and longest lasting memories.

4. Give Compliments.

Parents have to spend a good amount of time correcting our children. “No” is a word heard quite often in the home of a typical family. Be sure to balance that discipline with deserved compliments often and lovingly.

5. One-on-One Time.

Amongst the chaos of family life, it can be difficult for a child to get individual time alone with you. This is highly important to your child and should be made a priority. Nothing shrinks our big world down to their size better than one-on-one time alone.

6. Listen to Them.

We are surrounded by distractions. Our children need us to hear them. Are we truly listening? It might not be easy to decipher the words of a 3-year-old excited to tell you about his day. However, it’s our honor and duty to sit there and give it our sincere best. To him, it means the world. 

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?”