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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

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Confession: I’ve noticed I don’t do much for my dad on Father’s Day. At best, he gets a card or a call. For most of us, this is okay because we don’t need a lot of stuff. As my dad and I have gotten older, I realize our time is limited. I want him to know he’s important.

This year I’m changing things. I challenge you to join me. Let’s make a big deal about Father’s Day and our dads. If he is no longer with you, then do something to remember and honor him. Here are 5 ways to Remember Your Dad on Father’s Day.

1. Share some old stories with him and write them down.

Remind him of something he used to do that meant a lot to you. Even share some of the ways you are like him now. My dad and his dad loved to sit back and reminisce. If you have siblings, encourage them to do the same.

2. Go through old photos of you and him.

If he’s still living then share them with him. Technology has made it possible to create slideshows, movies, and all sorts of things to capture and share these things easily.

Here are a few tutorials and resources to make remembering Dad on Father’s Day easier for you:

  • iPhoto & iMovie: Get the professional look on your Apple Computer. Quickly edit your photos, make a slideshow, photo book or custom calendar. You can order photos right from the iPhoto application. Or, go a step further in editing with iMovie and make a slideshow with transitions. Share directly to email or social media.
  • Picasa: If you are on a PC this is a great resource to organize, edit and share your photos for a slideshow.
  • Shutterfly: This site comes packed with a variety of gift ideas. Photo books and custom thank you cards and more!
  • Flipgram: With this app you are able to create video stories with music of your choice.
  • Walgreens: You can order photos from your computer and pick them up on the same day from your local Walgreens.

3. Take him somewhere special.

My dad loves the ballpark. His dad took him to Cincinnati Reds games as a kid, and he did the same with us. Whatever that special place is for your dad, take him there.

4. Get the grandkids to do something special.

Have your kids create a card, record a video, Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime with him. If he’s no longer living, help them create a memorial video of old pictures or scrapbook of things that remind you of him.

5. Visit him wherever he is.

Do everything you possibly can to visit him. If he’s out of town, make a trip. If he is no longer living, do something in memory of him.

Huddle up with your kids tonight and videotape them telling their favorite story about Grandpa. Send or share it with them on Father’s Day.