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7 Things to Thank Your Wife For

Several researchers from the University of California conducted a study with three groups. Group One wrote down the things that irritated them that day. Group Two wrote down all of the things they were grateful for, and Group Three just wrote down general observations. Not surprisingly, Group Two reported being more optimistic, content with life, and even more physically fit. In another study by the University of Pennsylvania, a group of fundraisers were tasked with raising funds in the way it had always been done. The second group was given an encouraging talk by the director of how grateful she was for their work. The second group made 50% more calls than the first group.

Expressing gratitude motivates people, and leads to better relationships, and better overall health.

Expressing gratitude has a positive affect in every direction of our lives. Expressing thankfulness motivates people, leads to better relationships, and leads to better overall health. What affect do you think it would have to express gratitude for your wife? It may completely change the relationship. Here are 7 quick ways you can thank your wife, one per day for the next week (Edit as you see fit).

1. “Thank you for loving me. I know there are times when I am not always easy to live with.

2. “Thanks for pouring your life into our children and making that tough but worthwhile investment.”

3. “Thanks for all you do around the house. You do a great job keeping our family organized.”

4. “Thank you for all you do to provide for our family.”

5. “Thank you for all the times you have supported me. It has meant so much.”

6. “Thank you for being wise with our finances to give our family a bright future.”

7. “Thanks for being you. For putting your family first. And for looking so gorgeous while you do it!”

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are you thankful for?”