things to celebrate with your wife

8 Random Things to Celebrate With Your Wife

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The waiter handed us our menus and asked, “Are you celebrating anything tonight?” I looked across the candlelit table at my wife and answered, “We certainly are. Today is the 5000th day we’ve been married!” By the shocked expression on his face, I don’t think anyone had told him that before. I explained to him that because her birthday is right after Christmas and our anniversary conflicts with a major conference each year, we’re left to find other things to celebrate.

Maybe you can’t go out on the usual days together because of seasonal conflicts, work commitments, or challenges that come from life with kids. Perhaps you just want another excuse to honor the woman you love. In these cases, a little creativity can go a long way. You could do what we do and keep track of the months, weeks, or days you’ve been together. Or you could try these 8 random things to celebrate with your wife.

1. Celebrate national ________ day.

It seems like every day is national something-or-other day. Some of these are tailor-made to celebrate as a couple, like National I Want You to Be Happy Day (March 3) or Wife Appreciation Day (September 18). Find one that fits, and head out on the town.

2. Celebrate halfway.

Who says you can only celebrate the day of the milestone? You can always celebrate getting halfway there. Simply take six months off a birthday or anniversary date and, voila, you’ve got a half-birthday or half-anniversary.

3. Celebrate an accomplishment.

It’s great to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but there are many other accomplishments you could honor as well. Observe the day she graduated from university or faced her fear of heights and went skydiving or the day you finished some major renovation project together.

4. Celebrate something you’ve discovered together.

Dedicate some dates to finding the best tasting pie, steak, or some other food you both love. When you’ve found the one you like best, celebrate the day you first tasted it by going back to that restaurant each year and ordering it again.

5. Celebrate someone else’s big day.

You can also always borrow someone else’s big day. Look up the birthday or anniversary of a favorite celebrity or a couple that shares your names, and go out on their big day instead of your own.

6. Celebrate something that only happens once.

Figure out how old you were in years, months, and days on the day you went on your first date or got married. Double that, and you can celebrate the day you’ve been with her longer than haven’t—a celebration that only comes along once in a lifetime.

7. Celebrate a treasured favorite.

Most couples have some favorites. Perhaps it’s the first movie you saw or the first song you danced to or a show you enjoy watching together now. Whatever your favorite might be, search up the date it was released and mark that day together each year.

The simple fact that you get to share life with your spouse today is something worth celebrating.

8. Celebrate today.

Whether you’ve been together a short time or a long time, you may not need any excuse to go out. The simple fact that you get to share life with your spouse today is something worth celebrating. Head out and commemorate it.

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Sound off: What’s another random thing to celebrate with your wife?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “Of all the dates we’ve been on, which is your favorite?”