Dating Advice For My Teenagers

The teenage years bring with it a rush of new urges and emotions, particularly romantic attraction. Right now we have a sixteen-year-old son and a fifteen-year-old daughter at home. They haven’t started dating yet, but they are on the verge of it. The desires are there and it has made me think about what I need to teach them about dating. As I think about it, there are 3 principles I want my kids in teenage relationships to live by.

Respect and Be Respected

Treat the person you are dating with the utmost respect. It certainly doesn’t need to lead to marriage, but you should treat the person like someone you would like to marry. In return, it’s important for you to be treated with the same respect.

Honor God

When they are dating I want them to remember to do only those things that honor God. If you hold to those three principles: respect, seek to be respected and honor God, you will love the dating process.