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Fun with Geography: The South Quiz

“I like geography. I like to know where places are.” – Tom Felton. Geography is becoming somewhat of a lost art in American education. With a great amount of focus placed on math and science, subjects such as history and geography get shoved to the backburner. As parents, we need to supplement these neglected subjects when we can. Kids love playing fun quiz games in the car, taking a walk, or just hanging around the living room. In this quiz, read your child the clues for each particular state and see if they can give the correct answer. Perhaps provide fun rewards for each correct answer or a prize at the end. In today’s geography quiz, we look at the southern United States. Good luck!
State #1
The loveable, iconic “teddy bear” was invented here in 1902. The state nickname is the “magnolia state,” named after the beautiful state tree. On the southern border is the Gulf of Mexico, and on the western border is the mightiest river in the United States.

State #2
The state song sings out, “Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.” The state animal is the buffalo. The second largest state in the USA borders to the south.

State #3
The capital is nicknamed, “Music City, USA.” The famous home of Elvis Presley, Graceland, is in this state. The Smokey Mountains are on the eastern border.

State #4
The only public diamond mine in the USA is located in this state in the town of Murfreesboro. The Wal-Mart headquarters are located here. The eastern border is the Mississippi River.

State #5
The nickname is the “Peach State.” The only peanut farmer to ever become President of the United States is from here. It borders 5 other southern states and the Atlantic Ocean.

State #6
The most famous horse race in the USA is held in this state. The legendary basketball team of the state university is nicknamed “the Wildcats.” The Ohio River is on the northern border.

State #7
The most well-known mouse in the entire world has a home in the center of this state. It is known for its abundant sunshine, alligators, and Spanish culture. The Atlantic Ocean borders to the east and the Gulf of Mexico borders to the west.

State #8
The Wright Brothers first took flight in this state. Pepsi Cola was invented here and Michael Jordon played basketball for the state university. The highest peak in the eastern United States is in the western part of the state and the Outer Banks barrier islands are on the eastern border.

State #9
This state was a major focal point during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. One of college football’s biggest legends, Bear Bryant, was the head coach at the state university for 25 years. It is bordered by 4 other southern states and the Gulf of Mexico.

State #10
This state was a colony of France until being sold by Napoleon to the United States in 1803. The largest city is known as “the Big Easy” and boasts the most famous party atmosphere in the country. Its southern border is the Gulf of Mexico.

State #11
One of the oldest rivers in the entire world, the New River, flows south to north, which is opposite from most rivers because it was formed before the mountains. The state is one of the nation’s largest producers of coal and steel. It is a landlocked state.

State #12
The state flag is one of the most iconic, with its palmetto tree and half-moon. The first shots of the Civil War were fired here from Fort Sumter. The state borders the Atlantic Ocean.

State #13
The first English settlement in North America was here in Jamestown. 8 different Presidents were born in this state, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

State #14
The residents of this state claim that “everything is bigger” there. It is in fact the 2nd largest state in the USA in square miles. It is the only southern state that borders another nation.

State #15
The state university’s mascot is a Terrapin. The first Post Office system began in one of this state’s major cities and the first railroad station was also in this state. It borders our nation’s Capitol.
Fun with Geography: The South Quiz Answers


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