Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon

How to Support Your Mom, Wife, and Daughters in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

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The number of women who died from breast cancer in 2011 is 39,520.  Those women are our mothers, our wives, and our daughters.  Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, but only 47% of women get an annual mammogram.  This is where we step in as men and All Pro Dads.

In support of breast cancer awareness month, let’s support our mothers, our wives, and our daughters to prevent this dreaded disease from taking more lives.  Below are some things you can do to raise awareness and support this fight.

1. Donate.

There are many organizations in the fight against breast cancer.  Find one and make a donation of some type.

2. Fundraise.

Participate in a 5k to help raise money or awareness.

3. Volunteer.

Give some of your time to an organization.  Your talents, skills, and gifts can play a key role in non-profit organizations who may have limited resources.

4. Wear pink.

Men wear pink too!  Get your best pink gear out, or buy some, and wear it proudly.  When asked why you are wearing pink, you have an open door to share a personal story or information about breast cancer awareness month.

5. Get the ladies in your life to the doctor.

Encourage or even take your mother, wife, and daughters to the doctor to have them tested annually.

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