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5 “Heart Diseases” to Protect Against in Your Marriage

On average, someone dies of heart disease in America every 37 seconds. That is an alarming statistic. However, did you know that on average, a divorce takes place in America every 13 seconds? That’s a ratio of nearly three to one! Three divorces for every one death. Wow.

So, how do we deal with “heart diseases” in a marriage? You figure out what your bad habits are and deal with them in order to protect your relationship. Here are 5 bad habits to break in marriage.

1. Anger

Anger is an outward emotion that is an inward indicator. In other words, if you’re angry, there is something deeper that you need to deal with. Anger can come from many sources: your past, your parents, your pain. But identifying the source of your anger and dealing with it is crucial to the success of your marriage. Sadly, for many spouses, it’s easier to be angry than it is to face the real issues that cause their anger. Broken marriages are often the end result.

2. Disrespect

Spouses must intentionally choose to respect each other, for better or for worse.

Mutual respect is a cornerstone of marriage. When one or both spouses begin to intentionally disrespect the other, a progressive downward spiral takes place. This could apply to many areas like failing to respect one another’s differences, time, personal space, or contribution to the family. Respect for one another is a character issue, not a circumstance issue. Spouses must intentionally choose to respect each other, for better or for worse.

3. Jealousy

While there should be no room for jealousy in a marriage, it often happens. A husband might become jealous when his wife spends a lot more time with the kids than with him. Or a wife might get jealous of how much time her husband gets to spend with adult friends. One of the greatest dangers of jealousy is the lingering bitterness that often settles deep within the heart of the jealous spouse.

4. Apathy

When spouses are not on the same page about their direction and ongoing growth as a couple, discontentment can take root. Apathy in one or both spouses can be one of the greatest killers of any marriage. Like stagnant water, when spouses cease to have fun together or strive to become better as a couple, things naturally grow stale. Whether this is in a couple’s friendship, sex life, parenting, or finances, once apathy sets in, growth will cease.

5. Retaliation

If one or more of the above heart diseases is present in a marriage, retaliation can become a danger. Spouses may try to even the score or get the upper hand and that’s a marriage killer. No marriage is sustainable if husband and wife aren’t on the same team, moving in the same direction, and striving toward the same goals.

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