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What I Learned Helping My Daughter Find a Passion

My daughter is a really fast runner, so a while ago, she joined a track club and had a lot of success. She won medals at national meets and qualified for the Junior Olympics. Then she decided she wasn’t going to run during the winter season. I was a little disappointed, but running wasn’t her passion, and finding your passion is a great gift. So we set out to find hers. We decided to help her pursue what she’d showed interest in for years but hadn’t tried yet—the performing arts. Little did we know, that’s where she’d thrive.

She got involved with a production company and signed with a prominent talent agency in our area. She’d have gotten this gift a lot earlier if we’d paid more attention to her interests, if we hadn’t pursued sports because sports were easier to access. But it wasn’t too late, and it’s not too late for your kids, either. Here are 3 ways to be involved with your kids as they find their passions.

1. Show a lot of interest in your kids’ interests.

You could say I know nothing about the arts. So our conversations about the arts started one-sided. But I slowly realized how much interest my daughter had and began to pay attention. That led to better conversations. Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship, and these conversations enhance our communication. They draw us closer together.

2. Appreciate that your kids are passionate about something.

Many kids today have little to no passion about doing anything. When your kids show an interest in something positive, get behind it 100%. Developing those passions and learning the lessons from those experiences are invaluable. The Search Institute did research that shows kids thrive who have adults who know their passion and support their development.

3. Enjoy the new experiences with them.

It was exciting seeing my daughter’s photos after a photoshoot and taking her to practice to watch her behind the scenes as she rehearsed for her part. It was one more memorable experience with my daughter during this “short” season of her growing up in our house. And watching your kids do something they love is one of the best experiences you can have.

Sound off: Finding your passion can be tough. How can we help our kids with it? 

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are some things that really get you excited inside?”