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How Your Faith Can Lead to a Resurrection in Your Marriage

We celebrate Easter in a couple of days. For many, the Easter holiday brings to mind bunnies and a fun time filled with hunts for candy-filled eggs. It reminds me of the greatest sacrifice known to man. The sacrifice that is summed up in the very popular Bible verse John 3:16 which you’ll find from time to time written on an athlete’s shoe, under the bill of his cap, or on the eye black he wears.

That verse summarizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His resurrection saving our lives is what the Christian faith is all about. But how does this faith, in general, impact our marriage? Or does it? Does faith really have to do with our marriage?

Our faith is the cornerstone, that one brick or stone that everything we do in our marriage and life builds upon.

Some may think faith has nothing to do with our marriage. I disagree, and through my marriage, it has had more impact than anything else. Our faith is the cornerstone, that one brick or stone that everything we do in our marriage and life builds upon. It’s our value system. The fact that my wife and I share this faith gives us a solid foundation to refer to when we have disagreements as well as when we are making plans for our life and our family. So, to us, our faith is everything.

Contract Versus Covenant Relationship

One of the biggest challenges we have in marriages today is honoring our commitments. My faith provides a distinction between a contractual agreement versus a covenant. For my wife and I, we view our relationship as a covenant which means it is unconditional, permanent, based on love. and for the benefit of the other person. In contrast, a contract is for a limited time, is based on specific actions, has an “if…then” aspect to it, and is for self-benefit. Our faith has influenced the way we view our relationship.

Resurrecting a Dead Marriage

Just like Jesus Christ was resurrected from death to life, our marriages may be in need of a resurrection. Ours has before and we’re happy to say our marriage is alive and well today. It took us refocusing on and rebuilding our marital foundation. It required both of us to study one another so we better understood one another. We had to make tough choices and deem some things nonnegotiable when it comes to our marriage, like date nights. As we began to do those things, we were able to put back broken pieces, even broken hearts, and now we’re able to enjoy our marriage and the new life that came with it.

Huddle up with your wife and say, “How can we make sure we are living out what we believe?”