worst holidays ever

How to Avoid the Worst Holidays Ever

Does your wife have this grandiose view of holidays, decorating, and family traditions, while you are just looking for some time to relax? Each year, my family has plans for decorating, family traditions, and enjoying family time. But it seems each year there has been a breakdown in the process somewhere. In our house, the breakdown usually happens when “we” (my wife) begins to decorate, and I am not doing what is expected. Or when family comes over, and I have “disappeared” to find a place to relax, watch a game, or even work!

After some recent conversations, I learned my house is not the only place where the holidays don’t always look like the postcard or Hallmark commercials. Does this happen in your house too? Well, this year you can have the best holidays, well at least not the worst holidays ever. Here are a few suggestions to help you avoid the worst holiday ever.

1. Agree to do something with your family.

At least one thing must be a family affair. Putting up decorations, preparing meals/baking cookies, hanging lights, or watching football! Whatever it is make sure you all agree, and you all agree when you will do it.

2. Do what you agreed to do in the point above.

If you say you are going to help decorate, and your wife begins the process please get off the couch and help. With a 110% attitude and effort. I’m talking to myself here. That has been our downfall the past couple of years. My wife is excited and ready to do it, and I’m excited and ready to relax. The two do not mix well.

3. Set aside some true downtime. 

Downtime over the holidays is good. We all need some time to recharge our batteries. Make sure everyone gets a chance to just relax at some point. Discuss it and plan it. I have found that the week after Christmas is a great time to shut down.

4. Have some holiday cheer. Don’t be a Scrooge or a Grinch.

Have some fun, and intentionally make a big deal out of things especially if you have children. These are the times that have the potential for them to remember forever.

Find something you and your family can do that benefits someone less fortunate.

5. Don’t make it only about you, or even your wife and kids.

While many of us open gifts, enjoy delicious meals and sit all warm and cozy in our homes, there are others who have none of that. Find something you and your family can do that benefits someone less fortunate.