How to Make Your Wife Laugh More

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” – Mark Twain. Stay-at-home moms, working moms, new moms, experienced moms – they all have one thing in common, and that one thing is stress. It’s not easy going through the day with deadlines and diapers, bills and baby food, colds and cries, and the never-ending demands of time, love, and attention. Your bride needs a good laugh.

The widow of a beloved All Pro Dad said of her husband, “He was so good at making me laugh and it was usually when he wasn’t even trying.” Guys, we are at our best in marriage when it all comes effortlessly. When we sense what our partner needs and react to it with the proper response just by instinct. We all have different gifts, however, and some guys are born with a sense of humor and some need to practice. The good news is being funny can be learned just by understanding a little psychology and developing a sense of timing and taste.

We can’t promise to turn you into a stand-up comic, but we can help you learn a few ways to induce laughter from your wife when she’s in need of a smile. Here’s how to make your wife laugh more and strengthen your relationship in the process.

1. Study Her Sense of Humor.

Everyone has different tastes in humor. Before you can stand a reasonable chance of making her laugh on a consistent basis, you need to know what types of things she finds funny. Obviously, men and women have very different views on what is funny and what is not, just as they differ in many other ways. As a general rule of thumb, women do not find gross and vulgar things humorous at all. Observe her watching TV or a movie and notice what is making her laugh. Pinpoint the humor-zone and you have increased your chances dramatically before you even say or do anything.

2. Real Life Stories.

Some of the best humor comes from things that actually happened. For instance, tell her about the time you were in the office bathroom giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror, only to discover your boss was in one of the stalls hearing every word you were saying. What makes these stories even funnier is when we make fun of ourselves while telling the story. When we are humble enough to laugh at our own mistakes or bad luck, it not only is very genuine, but most women also find that very attractive. This is a two-for-one guys…humor and romance! Wives love for us to share details about our daily lives with them, and if it is a funny story, all the better.

3. Tell Her a Joke.

The internet is full of joke sites, so pick out a few that you think fit your wife’s sense of humor. The keys to telling a good joke are all in the delivery–the inflection in your voice, your enthusiasm, and most critical, the timing of the punch line. Captivate her before you deliver the laugh boom!

4. Keep it Fun and Positive.

Don’t be afraid to just be silly with her. How many times do we see videos of couples being so silly it’s cringe-worthy to most on the outside of the relationship? Be cringe-worthy to the rest of the world! Sing songs together, dance crazy together, and keep the fun light-hearted and positive.

5. Just Be Yourself.

Smile and relax. We are pretty funny creatures without even trying most of the time. If we can avoid being too sensitive when our wives laugh at the silly things we do, and instead see it as doing a good service to her well-being, then everyone comes out happy. Learn to embellish those little moments like when you hit your knee against the cabinet. Turn them into funny bits of physical comedy complete with over-the-top reactions, and your wife and children are going to always have a good laugh. A house where laughter is found inside is the house of a healthy family.

“How can we help Mom laugh more?”