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How to Be Your Child’s Biggest Fan

Most parents are great at praising and encouraging their children from the first moments of their lives. We celebrate every little thing our children do. They wave bye-bye and we gush. They say their first word and we call our family and friends to share the news. They take their first steps, and we are over the moon with pride. But something happens when our kids enter the world of competitive activities like Little League or ballet. Our once freely dispensed praises turn into “helpful” suggestions, corrections, and even criticisms.

Sometimes correction and criticism are necessary, but it’s more important to be your child’s biggest fan.

Sometimes correction and criticism are necessary, but it’s more important to be your child’s biggest fan. Here’s a code of conduct to help you cheer your child on to success.

I will remember my child first.

Consider what makes your child feel most supported. Be proud of your kids for just doing their best.

I will cheer my child on.

You should cheer your child on during and after a game. Children need as much support during practice as they do during the game. Additionally, be an example to all the other parents as you commend your child for his or her efforts. There’s always something good to say about your child, even if the team loses the game.

I will encourage my child to do better.

Keep in perspective why your child is playing the sport. The purpose is to enjoy and learn the sport; that learning never stops. There are always new techniques and sciences to consider behind proper performance. As long as kids are bettering themselves and enjoying the sport, avoid having a negative attitude about whether they win or lose.

I will remember to have fun.

As parents, we need to remember to enjoy the games, traveling, and practices. Your child wants to see you having as much fun cheering for him or her as he or she is having running around the field. Your kids need to see your joy whether they win, lose, or tie.

Keeping these things in mind should allow for you and your child to continue enjoying the game! Happy sporting!

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Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you think is the best way for a parent to behave at a sporting event?”