how to have a summer romance

How to Have a Summer Romance with Your Wife

Twentieth-century philosopher Bernard Williams once quipped, “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” It is a time for holding hands, sharing an ice cream as it playfully melts in the heat, and strengthening a love that will hold a pair together when the briskness of winter returns.

It’s a good idea to make good use of opportunities while they are there. Summer holds so many for a husband wishing to brighten his marriage. All it takes is a sincere imagination and a willing heart. So in that spirit, we offer a sample of suggestions of how to have a summer romance and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Work on Intimacy

Intimacy is the most critical need for a full and long-lasting relationship.Romance comes from the heart and the mind. If there is one lesson that I continually have to keep learning after 20 years of marriage, it’s that intimacy is the most critical need for a full and long-lasting relationship. Talk to her about real things. She craves it from you. But mostly, a man needs to truly listen. It’s the greatest gift of intimacy we can present our wives.

Appearance Matters

Remember dating? When you would take great care to pick out the right shirt, fix your hair the best you could, and do all the other things to make yourself appealing to her? As partners in marriage, we accept each other as is. But if you are working on romance, appearance matters. We don’t need to be the best looking man in the room. We only need our wives to know that they are worth the effort.

Sex is Not the Priority

The world tells us that sex is the only successful conclusion to a romantic evening. The average married couple spends a great amount of energy worried about sex; when in reality, it’s their spiritual connection that is crying out for attention. Sex in marriage will result naturally when your spiritual connection is finely tuned. Work on that and see what happens.

Learn How to Have Fun Again

Life can beat us down, but we can still find joy. Like the little kid who is running around in the pouring rain and doesn’t think for one second that it’s crazy, that spirit will lead to cherished memories with your wife. Here are some fun ideas we gave the ladies, but you can use them too to bring some of the fun back.

Sound off: What are some of your ideas for creating a summer of romance?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “What are 3 fun things we could do together this summer?”