How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated: 25 Tiny Ideas

Knowing how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated can feel like a massive and complicated task. However, I’ve worked with married couples for a long time, and I believe more than ever that marriage is made up of the tiny things. It’s not the grand gestures or expensive vacations that make a marriage work. In fact, if that were the case, celebrities would have amazing marriages!

My “tiny things matter most theory” was once again confirmed when I recently asked on social media, “What is one thing your husband does that makes you feel loved?” Predictably, not one wife mentioned one impressive or difficult thing to do! Here are 25 direct quotes from wives who are probably a lot like yours. Try out some of their 25 tiny ideas to make your wife feel loved.

1. “Typically, it’s just a look that says, “I get you.”
2. “Hugs me.”
3. “He asks me almost every day how he can make my day better.”
4. “He brings me a fresh glass of ice water for the bedside table every night.”
5. “Makes me coffee! Something about him getting up first to make coffee is special. Sometimes it’s a little strong, but I assume God thinks I’ll need it for the day ahead.”
6. “Orders a large Dr. Pepper for me instead of a medium.”
7. “Resists the urge to elbow me when I snore.”
8. “Wakes me up with snuggles.”
9. “He makes the bed.”
10. “When we are in the car, he touches my arm.”
11. “When he builds us a fire on a cold winter’s day.”
12. “When he says positive things to me.”
13. “Cooks dinner for me every day that he is home before me. He’s the best.”
14. “Tells me he loves me every night.”
15. “He always makes sure my car is filled with gas!”
16. “Has hung in with me for 400,000 hours . . . sometimes a second at a time.”
17. “Has a dance party with my 6-year-old.”
18. “He cooks!”
19. “Tells me every night how much he loves me. Tells my son that as well.”
20. “Communicates with me better than anyone and knows me better than anyone. That is more than one!”
21. “Before he says what he would prefer to do (like a Saturday when we’re both home), he always asks, ‘Is there anything you want to do today?’ Always. Before he ever mentions something he would like to do.”
22. “He has learned to love watching college football games with me in our 30 years together.”
23. “He actually accompanies me to Target.”
24. “Lets the dog out if I’m not awake.”
25. “He gives me the Doritos with the most cool-ranch flavor.”

Sound off: What is one tiny thing your wife does that speaks big love to you?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What makes you feel loved?”