overcoming insecurities

How to Overcome Insecurities

I’ve been a pretty secure person most of my life, but I have been insecure at times about my ability to do something and what other people think of me. My parents did a good job building me up and helping me overcome insecurities. In fact, there was one piece of advice that shaped the way I thought about myself and helped me in overcoming insecurities.

Here’s what it is.

Be yourself.

Be yourself and who God made you to be.

Don’t worry about other people’s impressions of you, what you look like, or how you dress. Be yourself and who God made you to be. That’s the most important thing we need to know and believe. God made each of us the way we are. That doesn’t mean we are perfect or there’s no room for growth. It simply means we don’t need to be someone else. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made.

Ask questions.

Ask yourself these questions: How does it make you feel to be told that you were made by a perfect and all-powerful God? Does that change the way that you view yourself? What is unique about you? What does your uniqueness bring to the world?

Sound off: What is one insecurity you have struggled with?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one way you are different from other people?”