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3 Things You’ll See at All Pro Dad Chapters

One of my favorite things to watch is people’s lives change in a positive way. For me, it’s even more beautiful when it happens when you least expect it. When David Reed started an All Pro Dad chapter in North Carolina, he had no idea the impact it would have on dads and kids. One year, they had a daddy-daughter dance. During the evening, one of the little girls thanked him for starting the group. She told him her dad was saying things to her that she had never heard from him before—things like “I love you” and “I’m proud of you.”

That All Pro Dad chapter has changed that child’s relationship with her father. It’s brought them closer, and now a daughter is feeling her father’s love in a way she hadn’t before. Attending or starting an All Pro Dad chapter will give you the chance to see some extraordinary things like that. Here are 3 things you’ll see at an All Pro Dad chapter.

1. Men Stepping Up and Changing

Just like the story above illustrates, you see dads doing things they may not have done otherwise. They start consistently showing their kids affection and saying the things kids need to hear. Because of that, many kids become reassured, confident, and more kind-hearted. Some dads have been willing to fly in from other cities or drive from hours away to be there. Other times the dad is absent, and a father figure steps in. At one chapter, a young man in college came with his little sister because he knew how important a father figure is in a child’s life, and he wanted her life to be better than his. Seeing men step up and become great dads will inspire you.

2. Dads Being Encouraged and Supported

One principal was skeptical of trying to start an All Pro Dad chapter at her school. She thought no one would show up. When the morning finally arrived, 48 dads showed up with their kids. At one point, one of the dads stood up and, on the verge of tears, said, “Guys, I don’t know what I’m going to do. My wife died three weeks ago, and I’ve got to raise these four kids on my own.” After he was done speaking, two dads stood up from the back of the room and told him that they had his back. Many people were crying, including the principal. As dads, we need encouragement and support. An All Pro Dad chapter is a great place to receive the support you need as a dad.

3. Kids Excited and Being Affirmed

For most kids, the chapter meeting is the best day of the month. It is the day their dad comes with them to school to have breakfast, to talk about important subjects, and, most importantly, to affirm his kids. At each chapter meeting, the dads share with others, sometimes in front of the entire group, why they are proud of their child. Not only does this make the kids beam, but it affects the dads as well. Many dads arrive at the meeting exhausted because it’s early in the morning, but they leave with smiles and their spirits lifted because they see the impact it has on their kids.

Sound off: What are some great things you have seen at an All Pro Dad chapter meeting?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one of the most encouraging things you have been told?”