My Father… and my hero.


Well, my dad was my hero in many, many ways. I think the real reason is because of what he accomplished and how he did it. He raised a family of four kids, he took care of my mom, he taught school and helped so many people. He did all of this in a real quiet way. My dad overcame a lot things. He was a part of a generation where there was a lot of social change in our country. And when he started working, teaching and when he started in the military they were all segregated. He worked hard through that process and became part of that solution. He did it in his own and he did it in a positive way. He would talk to me about being in the military and about what they did. He told me about what fighting for the country was all about. He talked about going through the integration process and being part of the solution to make our country a better place to live. Because of that, that was always my goal. Yes, I wanted to be a football player and then a football coach, but I also wanted to make our country a better place to live. And I owe that to my father… my hero.

Who’s your hero and why?



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