My Son’s Birthday and Kevin Durant

Sometimes your kids can give you a little bit of that something you never expected. As a dad, you have to be able to respond well to the unpredictability that children bring. That happened recently with my son’s birthday. He was going to be turning nine and he wanted to have some special people come to his party. I just had no idea how far he would go about trying to accomplish it.

As his birthday party was approaching, I happened to pick up my phone and notice a text message I had sent to Kevin Durant. This confused me because I didn’t remember sending a text to him. It said, “Dear Kevin, my son would really like for you to come to his birthday party next week.” I immediately knew my son, knowing I had some famous people in my phone, was able to take it, find Kevin Durant, and send the message without my knowledge. I had to send another message to Kevin, letting him know what happened and not to feel any pressure. He and I both laughed a lot.

Eventually, I had to have a discussion with my son and discipline him for it. Sending a message that was purportedly from me is dishonest. It was an opportunity to talk about honesty and integrity. However, I also told him that I appreciated his ingenuity. While I didn’t approve of what he did, there is a big part of me that applauded his creativity and effort.