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Ep. 3 - What Are the Words My Kids Long to Hear?

What Are the Words My Kids Long to Hear?
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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “What are the words my kids long to hear?”

We’re all striving to be the best fathers we can be, and sometimes it can be tough
to know what to say. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, Maddox Womble, and Reggie Lewis
list multiple affirmations kids crave from their dads and examine why those words
are so important.

Dads need to understand the power of our words. It’s important to be intentional
and make sure your kids know that you care. Take a moment to reflect on the
words you use with your kids. Are you saying the things they need to hear? It’s
OK if you don’t know what to say. Start with this list if you need help getting

1. I love you.
2. I like you.
3. You are safe.
4. You are good enough.
5. I’m giving you a second chance.
6. I’m sorry.
7. It’s OK. Mistakes happen.
8. I trust you.
9. It’s OK not to be OK.
10. Pause.
11. I trust you.
12. You’re really good at that.
13. I’m proud of you.
14. You are beautiful.
15. I love spending time with you.
16. You are not alone in this.
17. I’m here for you.
18. You’re doing a great job.
19. I wish you could see you the way I see you.
20. Thank you.
21. I love watching you play.
22. I love spending time with you.
23. I’m so lucky to be your dad.
24. You are feeling________, and that’s understandable.
25. What’s on your mind? Let’s talk.
26. Let’s spend time together.
27. It’s OK to be sad.
28. It’s OK not to be perfect.
29. Good job.


Today’s Pro Move: Choose one statement you heard on today’s podcast that you have never said to your child and say it this week. If you have trouble doing this in person, you can start with a note or a text.

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