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Great Sacrifices Parents Make for Their Kids

Being a father is difficult. When your child is born, you realize another life has been put under your care. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with being a dad. It requires sacrifice. If you are going to be a great dad, you need to take what you have and give it to your kids. Often, nobody recognizes the sacrifices parents make—but that’s not why we make them. We give our time, resources, energy, and wisdom to our kids because we love them. We desire the best for them and that requires us to give up our own interests for their benefit.

When I was young, my dad modeled this to me really well. This is how he modeled sacrifice and the effect it had on me.

 My Dad’s Sacrifice

When I was a junior in high school my dad took a job in a city around 60 miles away from us. He knew my sister and I wanted to finish high school where we started. So he made the decision to commute, driving a total of 120 miles a day. I didn’t realize until later what a big sacrifice that was for him.

My dad’s sacrifice set the tone for me. I followed my father’s example when I had my own career decisions to make. When I took the job in Indianapolis and left Tampa, my daughter was finishing up high school. I didn’t want her to get disrupted, so I went back and forth. The family stayed in Tampa and I commuted because that’s the sacrifice my dad had demonstrated.

Setting the Example

One of the best ways you can communicate how much you value your kids is by sacrificing for them.

That’s the type of example we need to set as men. Your children will remember the choices you make. One of the best ways you can communicate how much you value your kids is by sacrificing for them. Sacrifices parents make have a lasting impact. If you model it for them, then they will be prepared to do the same for others.

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