ways to show your wife you love her

5 Unique Ways to Show Your Wife Love

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Because of Valentine’s Day, spouses often hope to receive special love around this time of year. But thriving love is a two-way street. So what are you going to do differently as a husband to make your wife “feel the love” in the coming weeks?

As men, we often have good intentions. But we all know how that sometimes turns out (insert cringe here). What could happen if we took some time to purposefully think and plan ahead for how we want to show love to our wives this month? Here are 5 ways to show your wife you love her, especially during the month of February.

1. Go on a destination date.

If you’ve never experienced a destination date, and even if you have, put one on the calendar for this year. It could be as simple as taking your bride on an overnight getaway, heading to a cabin in the woods, or going on a road trip. Dream a little about what this destination date could look like and then have fun planning and carrying it out.

2. Write her a long love note (You know, like the ones you used to write when dating!).

Explain to her all the reasons you can’t live without her. Get specific about things she does for you and the family that you are thankful for, and give her lots and lots of praise for her strengths. And don’t forget to get a little mushy by using pet names and including things you couldn’t write to anyone else. Once your note is just right, hide it somewhere unique, but in a place she’ll definitely find it.

3. Do something that you know will leave her speechless.

Women love to be left speechless (It’s the kind of stuff they rave to their girlfriends about!). So whatever you do, make it something out of the ordinary. This might be washing, folding, and even putting away all the laundry for the entire month (Yes, including matching all those socks.). Or maybe recreating your very first date and going over the top by paying close attention to all the small memorable details. Better yet, consider planning an entire week’s dinner menu. Then do the shopping, cook all the meals, and do the cleanup.

4. Ask her to list five things you can do for her today.

There are always things wives want from their husbands, and one of the easiest ways to find out what those things are is simply to ask. Your wife may love it if you detail her car, clean out the fridge, or just get her some fresh flowers for the kitchen table. To make this super easy, consider giving her a sheet of paper with five points left blank, and tell her you’ll get it back from her within the hour. Once she gives you the list, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by forgetting to do those things. Make sure to prioritize them.

5. Give her an entire day off.

Wives/mothers are usually very busy people. They live with stress and frustrations that as men, we just don’t experience in the same way. Because your wife loves you and your family day in and day out, why not give her a day off (and even throw in a little bit of cash, if possible, as the icing on the cake). Help her enjoy a day to relax and refresh, whether that means she gets to go shopping, or just gets to lock herself in the bedroom and binge on Netflix all day. Let her choose the day, and personally take responsibility for relieving her of any and all of her daily stressors.

Sound off: What else could you do to show your wife your love this month?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “What’s the best surprise you ever received from me?”